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Hey, dudes. I decided to get a bike. Like the stores large selection of eye run. Traders all praising their goods, but specifically to describe the pros and cons of a particular model can’t. Google the info is quite old, 2008-12 model years and want something newer. You should pay attention to when buying the bike? I want to take a hybrid to drive around town/highway, and on rough terrain. What accessories it is necessary to take(helmet and gloves — of course)? Oh yeah, my budget is about $500-600.

Hybrid — versatile option, good choice. Hot suggest you pay attention to model year 2013: last year’s bikes usually do discounts, and for the same money you could buy bike better. In General, it is difficult to give such abstract advice. Can you tell me about the method, which definitely will not fail you.

1. Choose a few major sports or Bicycle shop in your town. Go to their websites.

2. Choose in the section «hybrid bikes» suitable for you by price range options.

3. Looking for on Yandex.The market (or where you conveniently) reviews for each of these models. So clear all the advantages and disadvantages and it is easier to decide what you’re willing to take and I hated going.

4. Narrowing down the choices. When buying pay attention to the size.

5. Components — a very important point. The absolute leader in this area — the Japanese firm Shimano. If you want quality, buy a large on which are the parts of this company. No advertisement, personal experience.

6. Brakes. If you have experience with Cycling, you don’t need to talk about the benefits of disc brakes. V-brake brake less smoothly and is not as reliable as disks.

Of accessories the most important points. Sunglasses. Sounds dandy, however, this is not fashion, but real practical advice. In Sunny weather, without glasses eyes are watering, and you need to look at the road. Created an emergency situation! When riding in the face blowing in the wind, which carries dust, sand, and accidents of midges, which will have to pick out of the eye. From all this you will protect the glasses, preferably the streamlined ergonomic shape.

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