Cute gifts for cute girlfriend

We met with people who have solved the problem, which had troubled men’s minds the last two thousand years, namely: what to give a girl, so much so that she was happy and not angry? These wise people work in the company Kawaii Factory and in that secret lab they were able to derive a formula of five perfect gifts that will please every girl. This is the result of lengthy calculations and experiments a lot of tragedies happened before we were able to get this secret knowledge, who are going to use this year. If you want to please your friend, then follow our tips and make sure to record them on the parchment to leave to their descendants, so they satisfied their rebellious women.

1. Backpack

Not a simple backpack, and a wine backpack. But this does not mean that it was created in order to put it in a bottle of wine, even though this function is your friend, and be happy. The beauty of the backpack lies in the fact that he: a) feminine; b) neutral in style, which means it can be worn with anything; C) is not subject to seasons. That is the backpack you can give without fear that it will not approach its jeans, skirts, shorts and pants.

If you don’t like wine backpack, there are other color, such as lavender. But all the backpacks are distinguished by the convenience of the form and thought the size. A lot that fit, but large capacity does not affect the size of the backpack doesn’t look too big. Let’s say that the versatility of gifts — this is something that she appreciates first and foremost.

2. Supersmile kawaii handbags

From the name of this item, you had to pour the vanilla-rainbow tears, and his throat had a lump of cotton candy. But you just don’t know what we have unearthed in the vaults Kawaii Factory. So, this is a small handbag that looks like a big glass of soda, on which is written «tears of unicorn». Isn’t this supermilk? If you’re a man, of course, you thought in our brain has been struck by lightning, and we went to some kind of drug trip. But I think on the other hand: you have a girl who likes all sorts of cute things. And admit it: you also like when it has all these lovely pieces. The conclusions suggest themselves.

Handbags not much happens, and therefore recommend to pay attention to the presented. So, it will not fit a sack of potatoes, but it will serve faithfully in the store cosmetics, smartphone, keys, lipsticks, gas cans and other «necessarily important things» which are always in the bottomless bags.

3. Sweatshirt «Queen Of Fucking Everything»

Okay, we do not always have such cute friend that only feed on blood, sorry, tears of a unicorn. Sometimes they can be creepy bitches, even though we still love and appreciate, so we need to give something that will make them warmer and more pleasant to the touch. Now the window cold and frost, and, we think, a girl can’t do without a good sweater or as is now fashionable to say, sweatshirts.

We again found a stylish piece of clothing that you can combine with any wardrobe. Soft, but a neutral gray color, as well as full protection from the blowing of a different nature. The inscription is not soft, but she’s the girlfriend like it — not vulgar, but speaks for itself. In General, we like it, and if you want something different, then look at the whole range — there’s plenty of sweatshirts. We are not monsters, to get you to choose one or the other.

4. Box with gifts

But not every girl wants a particular gift. They are cute creatures, but are often very uncertain. Then it is better not to dwell on one thing, and to give at once a beautiful box of gifts 10. Fortunately we have wonderful examples of such boxes.

They represent the gift setsthat solve a lot of problems. First, you won’t be embarrassed to give this set, because there are as many as 10 gifts, not just one little thing, which nobody wants. Second, the sets are perfectly matched in style and subject matter — is where carousing and girls who love to cook and those girls who love to travel (and many others). In General, give good as we do, — do not be stingy!

5. Portable charging

If you want to be always connected with your girlfriend, then you need to get her charging. And not simple, and portable — so use more convenient and practical. But the practical meaning of the gift that is tied to your desire to be with my girlfriend more often and longer, can be wrapped in an aesthetic packaging which looks very cute (if we are talking about the gift to the girl, the word «soap» in proportion to the total joy from the gift).

We recommend you to pay special attention to portable charging, which is made in the form of bears, cats and unicorns. There’s still charging, depicting ice-cream, — that they, too, will be thrilled (pun intended) of our girls. Some girls are crazy about owls, so if yours is, you will find the owl and charging. In General, the choice is very large, we only hand. Sure you can give something you like that is your friend.

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