Cushion for old fans of the games


If the child still lives in the soul of man, it can not be called infantilism. On the contrary, it is very good because if in your soul there’s no baby, you can’t really look human.

What unites many bro? The fact that qualitatively they love to have fun! I remember in my childhood we had great games from the NES or from his clone Dendy, who have combined for one TV the whole yard? The memory of them still lives in our heart, and many men play them still!

Why not remind yourself of those wonderful times and not buy a couple of pillows, similar to cartridges with games of those early years? These accessories are very well fit into any interior and will decorate! One pillow can give your favorite friend, and the second to pick up. They are plush, easy to clean, soft to the touch. And nobody will accuse of sentimentality. Why? Because they are cool — that’s why!

Set of two pillows is only 30 bucks. To see all the options on


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