Cushion beam

cushion deck

Harsh guys harsh in my sleep. It is believed that the most severe individuals don’t even smile when they are in the arms of Morpheus and threatening frown. This is probably because they are sleeping head on these logs, as befits a dangerous man.

However, the frown in your sleep is too Solovetsky, with such authorities of porridge will not weld. Just for them creative and clever designers have invented a pillow similar to a deck, where, according to their assurances, you will sleep like a log too. Another nice thing: if you and a friend decide to have a pillow fight, this thing will be much safer than vsamdelishny a piece of wood. It is possible to throw without harm to health.

These assholes promised us a great support for the head and neck. Poleshko, you can choose different: and birch, and pine. All good! Except, perhaps, one. The price — 17 bucks — and that’s without delivery.


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