Current invented robot ants


The future is coming. American scientists have invented robot ants. In appearance they resemble the engine of a square Board, and not ants, call them soon for the high speed and small size.

Researchers from the US recently introduced a mighty swarm of robots with a diameter of two millimeters. They are individually controlled by a Central computer.

Incredibly fast army of «robot ants» has a huge speed commensurate to its size, of course. The speed of movement of «ants» — 13.7 inches (35 centimeters per second. The authors say that this speed is equivalent to the speed of sound. The full name of these robots — «Robots with magnetic drive». First they were developed in order to test whether it is possible to build a tiny complicated system of huge scale, such as artificial analogues of cells of the human body or parts of an electric circuit. But then the creators gave the robots more.


The idea of magnetically controlled robots isn’t new, but the ability to control each robot separately before put engineers in a dead end: the magnetic field affects every object within its area of operation, to affect one thing without affecting others, seemed impossible. California Institute overcame this problem by controlling robonurse on printed circuit boards, containing specific electric model to save each localized magnetic field. Work can move on curved surfaces, up and down on a vertical wall, all the flexible materials in any direction.

The work is an open part of the production program defense advanced research projects. Created them in the hope to reduce the cost and speed of creating high-quality and expensive goods.

An army of robots already built a tower 30 cm high from carbon rods. The researchers argue that they can work with glass, metal, wood and even electronic components.


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