Cruzin Cooler scooter and a refrigerator, 15.07.2013, ZQYziiLVpmE1M5IrlDIuMOHgoVRh7zX4

One of my friends was sure that the only thing can be considered good, which performs one single function given to him originally. Maybe he was trying to hide a lack of money for a normal phone or just had such a strange opinion? Don’t know, personally I always liked things that perform so many functions. Today’s issue is devoted to a pretty cool thing, especially for summer Cruzin Cooler — refrigerator and a motorcycle. Capacity of the refrigeration compartment is quite sufficient for 8-12 cans of beer. Of course, nobody forbids you to put food, the corpses of women and all that jazz. Speed the scooter delivers approximately 15 miles per hour, which is about 20 kilometers. Sparsely, of course, for a normal scooter, but for the fridge is nothing. Footrests can be removed at will. Tank size is enough for an hour drive at full speed and another half-hour on the walking speed.

You can buy it at Amazon at a price of $ 800., 15.07.2013, A2xavqCQvxlIBKWynaR4FMwLCTVQphxv