Crossfit or no crossfit?

We wrote about what’s going on with the health industry, specifically with the culture of fitness, weightlifting and crossfit. It was here in this article. In this article, we talked about crossfit, we’re talking about at all. But today, at the request of the majority read us bro we will talk about crossfit at all, and so be, in the near future will talk about some exercises and training.

Today, we based on observations of dudes who are familiar with crossfit and talk about the pros and cons of this case. This article is dedicated to those bro who don’t know what sport they be best addressed.

What a good crossfit

1. It brings results

And indeed it is. Crossfit is damn useful and productive, if done correctly. Literally by the book. For example, the old Jay Cutler, who literally specializiruetsya training in the spirit «of dryscha — death machine». The majority of strokes in the frame, by the way, started out absolutely green beginners.

2. This kind of community of interest

Fans of fitness, crossfit and other sports and a healthy lifestyle are very devoted to their work. Seriously, they have real bro-interests and they always have something to talk about. But there is one but: there is something to talk about, if you really love crossfit just as they are. If not love — will a foreign body, love — will talk to you to help you, give advice, share protein shake. The so-called «beach pitching» crossfitter are very bad.

3. He’ll make you competitive

I have in the locker room hangs a demotivator with bulging girl, which shines with the inscription «Each workout makes you better.» Hell, this is true. After each workout you feel like your body becomes stronger, you can lift more, and the fat gives way to relief. You begin to understand that it is easy to get girls before getting to work. In our world there is competition, and a lot, so every step towards self-improvement makes you a better person in the eyes of the girls. Remember, dude, appearance, men are not the most important, in contrast to the girls, but a beautiful body is much more important.

What’s wrong with crossfit

1. If a beginner — fear

If you never really played sports or long time did not visit gyms, I must say that you have to be very, very careful. Seriously, dude. How would you not say that bodyweight exercises are more weight and completely safe, know that it is not. Of course, there will be nothing like (we hope), but it’s still very traumatic without additional training. Instead of crossfit, for God’s sake, go to the gym or in crossfit section at the larger gyms. You need a friend, so don’t chase fashion, and defined.

2. The cult

As we said above, remember about the cult of crossfit. Its adherents refer to his work with a truly religious fanaticism. Fat the cult hate, hate lazy, complain despise swinging for appearance, too, despise. If you’re not ready to despise infidels and have nothing against fat people, better go to the gym.

Suggest I do crossfit at all? Yes, highly recommend, but only prepared by dudes.

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