Crossfit for the injured, beginners and Amateurs home workouts


When you’re not fifteen, you may have injuries that do not allow you to train in normal mode. Or maybe you’ve already tried to start a regular exercise routine, but was very tired and gave up. Maybe even several times. If it is, the prospect of being in the gym may scare you.

Such reasons, features a variety of ailments, was inspired by Marcelo Expelled to develop a program of vigorous physical exercises that target all major muscle groups, but do not produce destructive side effect on the muscles and joints, unlike the jumping and sudden movements, which are typically associated training. These exercises do not hurt. Kicked myself went through two surgeries on my back, scoliosis, stenosis, ankylosing spondylitis (whatever that means) and arthritis. In an attempt to avoid the more usedonlonger health problems, but to stay in shape and feel good the next morning Drove has developed a program of exercises that don’t even need the extra weight. Call it a 60/10.

The program consists of different exercises that should be done on the stopwatch. Choose 10 exercises from the list (for beginners and you can reduce this number, such as 5-7 exercises) and perform each for one minute. Nice to see each exercise as a station (remember in school work at the station? Worked time and move to the other), especially if you train with partners. It is very good: you’ll be able to encourage and encourage each other. Use the timer, stopwatch or ordinary watch, do the exercises as you can, try to do as many repetitions in a minute (for greater fidelity, consider the number of repetitions to the next time to beat him). When the minute is over, give yourself ten seconds to go to the next station and start the next minute of exercises. Repeat until you do all exercises, then give yourself a rest for a minute and 20 seconds, drink some water and start training again. Repeat the whole circle from two to five times (you can start with two and eventually come to five). Every day try to change the order of visiting the stations and exercises.

1. Exercise «mountain climber»

Focus on the torso and shoulders

exercise climber

The initial position, as in push-UPS. Raise one knee to your chest, then return leg to starting position and do the same with the other leg. Try to do exercise as soon as possible, do the breaks, only when it is not able to do without them. In order not to slide, the stock Mat.

2. Running in place on his toes

Aimed at calves and shoulders

running in place on the noki

Run on the spot for the toes and at the same time do a hand movements, like hitting a punching bag. Hands pressed against the body. If there’s a real punching bag, beat it, and if not, don’t worry, it’s not the main part of the exercise.

3. Some burpees

Focus on quads, shoulders and chest muscles

some burpees

Start standing. Jump up as high as possible, stretching his arms up. When you land, take a position for push-UPS, pull up behind him, press, pull legs back to the torso again and jump up into the air. Repeat until you run out of time. If it is difficult to jump to the replacement jump step right and then left. By the way, this is some burpees with the modification, read more about this exercise here.

4. Dumbbell bench press or exercise with a rubber band

Focused on biceps

exercises with rubber band

This simple exercise, which shouldn’t take too long to explain. If you use the rubber band, step on the center, grasp the ends with your hands. How many times you tighten the ribbon to your chest with each hand in one minute. Hands bend and rashimi completely. The same is done with a dumbbell. You can alternate hands or do the exercise with both hands at the same time. If you train at home and you have no tape, no dumbbells, use your imagination. Try to raise a water-filled plastic bottles. They have a decent weigh in, this is important. If you have a spinal injury, it is better to choose the rubber band.

5. The drill press

Aim at the top of the press

right thing for Pres

Everyone knows how to do it. Be sure to keep your hands behind your head, so they didn’t help. Get up as high as possible and do not relax when your back touches the floor. Do it for a minute. If you do it right, the press has improved markedly.

6. Lunges jump

Focus on quads, hips, glutes

lunges jump

Keep your hands forward, or pull at the seams, or put on a belt. Do a lunge on one knee, the other leg extend back. Make the jump and change legs, now the back leg forward and the front will be pulled back. Repeat as many times as possible per minute. You can use the load a medicine ball, holding it in front of him. Before performing this exercise, it is necessary to stretch your legs, otherwise you can pull the thigh muscles.

7. The dumbbell bench press from focusing on the bench

Focus on the lateral muscles of the back and torso in General

press with emphasis on the bench

And again, no dumbbells, and you’re not in the room, fill with water plastic bottle. Use a bench, chair, sofa, bed, anything, that will be your platform on which you can rely. Assume the position as the picture, as if one half of the body was going to do push-UPS. Grab the weight with your free hand and lift it. You can start with ten times, gradually increasing the amount of exercise to 20. Don’t forget to change hands!

8. Lifting the legs from the position

Aimed on the torso, buttocks and shoulders

lifting the feet

It is best to do exercise with a ball boss, as the picture, or with a bench, but it is not a necessity. You can just take a starting position for push-UPS and lift the legs as high as possible.

9. Pushups for triceps

Focused on triceps and shoulders

pushups for triceps

You need a platform with a height equal to the length of your shoulder. Lean on her hands, as shown in the picture. Legs pull forward, because the bent knees make it easier and make the exercise less effective. Bend the hands so that the butt fell to the floor as low as possible.

10. Pushups with a walk

Aimed on the torso, shoulders, and chest muscles


Need a lot of space. Sounds simple, but it’s actually difficult. Start with regular pushups. After the first do in the same situation a few steps to the right. Press again and take a few steps to the left. Repeat for a minute. If you need a break in the middle of the approach, try to relax in the initial position.

11. Squats

Focused on glutes and quads


Another simple exercise that can be diversified modifications. Hold out your hands and squat as low as possible, back straight. If you have problems with knees, you can just stand in polarised and stand there for a minute, almost frozen during squats. You can balance on the ball so boss, if you have one.

12. Jumping rope

Aimed at calves

jumping rope

If there is a rope, it’s in the bag. If not, just jump in for a minute. Looks silly, but effective. You can jump from foot to foot.

13. Strap

Aimed at the torso


A standard drill press. You only need to get up to the starting position for pushups, but rest on the forearms. Back straight, ass in the air do not stick out much. It is necessary that your body stretched out like a string. In this position and wait a minute. Under a better to have a Mat, otherwise your hands will be in a depression.

14. Crossing legs

Aimed on the torso, shoulders and buttocks

crossing legs

Start the starting position for push-UPS. Right foot head left, then left under the right, pulling them at the right angle to the body. You can roll over, but it’s so damn hard.

15. Pushups dive

Aimed at the pectoral muscles, torso and shoulders

These pushups are a little bit of yoga. We will again show you know anything about this exercise, friend.

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