Crocodile also do not mind to eat a Burger, 21.06.2013, MwhHeE01UmJmQV9MmzdVTIe8VU8AVWGZ

It is proved that damn fast food makes people fall into a decent psychological dependence. We even have an article about this interesting, I recommend to read.

It turns out that animals do not mind to eat a hamburger. Seriously! This story happened in Florida, when the old couple decided romantic Breakfast by the water purchased at the local diner burgers. But the plans for 68-year-old prevented went ashore alligator, which went to the blanket, spread out on the grass. Bro, I understand that if your edge gators meet as often as mosquitoes, can you get used to them, but I would never in my life had a picnic there, where there are alligators.

The bold head of the family named Rodney crept to peacefully Diners reptiles and made a couple of shots. In the end, the dude managed to get rid of the alligator with a stick. Reptile food but still ate it. Hell, man, I never would have approached reptiles devour my food. At the time she was done eating, I was at a distance of five miles from this place, continuing to furiously shout.

As experts say, the crocodiles know what is the taste of the Burger. Why? Yes, because in these parts of the crocodiles are like ducks: they quietly fed dirtiest type of burgers, and they are no longer afraid of people.

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