Crisis of any age

manygoodtips.com_6.08.2014_qu4fpvpEPWxk7The crisis may be not only of middle age. We already wrote one man, asking for help to understand his problem and we decided to develop this theme. No matter how old you are you may face psychological barriers that will prevent you to continue your magical journey to success. But don’t despair, we will try to help you, or at least tell why there are similar problems.


At this age, you’re faced with the fact that all your illusions and dreams will not come true. Oh, yeah, this harsh world has managed to give you a savory podzhopnik. This crisis occurs in the period of transition from idealized and romantic view of life to a more angled vision of the world.

Don’t despair, now you perceive everything critically. Or solid, or iron — no. Soon you will accept the fact that the system one way or another will prevail. You, like others, will be forced to live by a certain law of the herd. That it is not clear who and why installed.

2.24-26 years

Hello, adult life. Now you have certain obligations may not be so serious as to be in 5 years, but nevertheless. You will have to answer for yourself on several global issues, such as: «do I Want to have children?» «How many children to have?», «Forever I am bound with this profession?», «How can I succeed?».

In addition, one of the most important tasks will be for you: to save and liberate their true self and not to hurt a friend.


Problems at the age of 19 now you seem to be flowers. Family, children, wife, job. You need to break free from these oppressive duties. But it is important not to miss the moment when the need for independence grows into a feeling of complete freedom. You can no longer freely dispose of his life. Your decisions determine the fate of the people close to you.

Too many problems, you need to periodically unload. Do not forget about meetings with friends over a bottle of beer.

4.37-40 years

Then — only worse. During this period you will face a crisis because you first clearly realize that life is not infinite. That after forty life can’t be better than in 25 years. It seems that now everything is much worse than before.

Look, in every period of life there is something beautiful. You are no longer pimply student, who do not allow girls and don’t sell alcohol without a passport. You have a wife and children. You can epic sipping his Scotch while sitting in leather armchair. And be himself on a heat of passion in those moments.

5.44-50 years

It is called a «crisis of the empty nest.» It’s time to say goodbye to the children that ruined my whole life. Now they have their own lives, and they are no longer interested in spending time with a caring father.

When you reach that age, remember that everything is cyclical. You once sought now leave the parental home. Children can’t always be there for you they too need to evolve and find its niche in society.

In any case, you far from it. Do not ship ahead of time. Now you’re young and full of energy and no crisis can’t hurt.

Any crisis that you face is not the end of life. Get over yourself, understand that absolutely everyone goes through it and not everyone can support the people close to him.

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