Creative ways to save on everything. Part 2

Work.kom.ua_26.06.2014_IgSKvHKon95LiTo save your money wisely and many ways to save! We continue our little Saga with creative ways to keep their money. Part 1.

1. Buy yourself a surge protector

It is much easier to disable all devices at once, so the night not to be afraid from the glowing led light on the monitor and not wasting energy on maintaining that spark. Filters are not expensive, actually-from 150 rubles.

2. Happy hours and special offers in bars

Almost every decent restaurant attracts people that satisfied a special time when all the drinks or food go for half price. Best platform to read reviews and find out about promotions is Foursquare. With it, you’ll know all the special offers in the local bars, cafes, shops and restaurants. You will be aware of the fact that it is better not to take. And you learn the password from Wi-fi, but it still changes frequently.

3. Make a greeting card by yourself

This gift is for your close friends and colleagues. Recipes original pozdravljamo many on the Internet quite a lot of walking. Google.

4. To hold the event in person, including young children

A significant advantage of these establishments is that you can bring your own food and order to save money on meals. If you are a handsome ass, you can always get out so that guests paid for their stay on the territory of the people, including young children.

5. Picnics

Eating food on the grass to the accompaniment of birds not only good for health but not harmful to the wallet. In any Park is too expensive cafes and restaurants that offer food and let in the fresh air, but to pay for it will have decent money. And in the case of food you cook at home a couple of sandwiches with tea and are cultural to spend time in nature.

6. Restaurants and bars in which you can bring alcohol

The idea of places where you can come with your alcohol, but there is another food that came to us from America. Almost every major city there are already such institutions. If you consider the fact that alcohol is in the pubs now too expensive, it will help you save some money.

7. Going to the cinema and theatres in the morning

The morning sessions of the movies on the weekend are worth mere pennies. A true misanthrope will especially appreciate the fact that people at these sessions is very small. Just get up early and go.

8. To go to the library

Don’t ignore the good old library. Access to classic literature, fiction and non-fiction focus you will definitely give. If you think that modern works in the library no, you are very much mistaken.

9. To purchase a library card, online library

Well-known web libraries have a reasonably good selection of a variety of good literature, and good selection of thematic publications for training and professional development. They require a subscription for not much money, but the benefits of this are obvious.

10. Home cinema sessions

Even if you don’t have a huge plasma or a quality LCD panel, you can still have home watching movies with his friends or girlfriend. Prepare popcorn, take when, download or buy a good movie and watch it in the dark with dear people. The main thing, though is the atmosphere.

11. Take the subscription of old magazines in the waste paper collection points

Sometimes that paying a little money, but the benefits are still tangible: you rid your home of dust.

12. Visit museums and exhibitions with the mind

It is not only a significant event Night of museums. Most public and private exhibitions give the days and times free admission, what else do you need cultural like freebies?

13. Organize your closet

Sometimes it seems that you have quite a few new things, and closet and asks the updates. Most often this occurs because you’re using a few things, completely forgetting about the old clothes that are gathering dust at the bottom of the cell. If you dig, you scratch the bottom of the barrel, you can find shirts and jerseys that are really liked you before, but which suddenly disappeared from sight. The organization of the interior of the wardrobe will give you to understand that buying something new is not necessary.

14. Verify the labels and follow the rules of cleaning and Ironing clothes

All of these recommendations such as «do Not wash in hot water» or «do Not iron» this is not just. If the clothes very quickly turns to shit, most likely you do not observe the rules of care for her. Wool and silk should be cleaned, but the clothes made of cotton or linen can be safely washed. Improper use and care lead to bad appearance. However, modern clothes, made in Thailand by the hands of small children, not samples of exceptional quality.

15. Too frequent washing is bad

About as bad as going dirty and smelly. If the clothing looks dirty and smells fine, why is it immediately necessary to wash? Remember that in the washing machine the clothes survive a trip on the wild carousel drum with protuberances, and the influence of the alkaline solution of washing powder. The fibers of the clothing, perfectly destroyed by such tests.

16. If you wash in the Laundry, try to use the dryer less

Dryer, exacerbating the effects of washing several times. Sometimes it is better to take wet clothes home and hung them on the balcony. Longer it will last.

17. Wash items by hand in cold water

Of course, the hot water washes the pollution is much better cold, but for small stains and the smell of sweat enough soap mixture and a small friction.

18. Leave your wallet at home

When you’ve got a thousand rubles, immediately there are more temptations in comparison with the moment when you have only 200 rubles. I want coffee, I want to eat something harmful and where to go. It costs extra! Take with you to work the amount of money, enough for food and travel. Do not spend extra!

19. Wait for sales

If you think sales is a fraud, give you to buy something very cheap in these moments it is really possible. Want to buy a computer game? Find out the schedule of sales in Steam, to a week not to bite your elbows that you spent three times as much. Do you need clothes? Long seasonal sales in all stores will help you buy clothes for half the price or even less. All real.

20. Buy cheap products brands, which owns retail chains

What’s the difference whether buckwheat is the highest grade purchased for 20 rubles, or over 40? There is no difference! The same applies to any cereals, commodities and more. Eyewitnesses say that the faceless canned food cheap manufacturers that make their products specifically for major retail chains much better than their more expensive counterparts.

21. Spoiled yourself? Fast

Not in the religious sense, of course. If you have recently acquired a large purchase that forced you to go into debt or spend a lot of money, it’s time to give yourself a pamper. The duration of this period is 30 days. Even if you bought this thing from the money that is deposited for a long time. So you’ll be more happy with it.

22. Buy wholesale

Various wholesale shops or the network to sell goods at a good price, but only in a certain amount. So you can make the stock and save a bit of Finance.

23. Gave credit card numbers of all the private offices

Whenever you want to buy the app on the App Store, you have to retype all the details of the card. And you’ll have a perfectly logical question: do I really need this purchase? Always works.

24. Write a list

When you go to a large supermarket, stick to the shopping list, otherwise buy some unnecessary stuff.

25. Go to the shops on a full stomach

So it will be less temptation to buy a sandwich or some nonsense for a snack.

26. Use a basket instead of a cart

Laziness again helps us. A small amount will let you buy only what you need.

27. Don’t buy anything, if you have a coupon giving a discount

The thing should be you need, away the pride of a successful purchase!

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