Creative ways to save on everything. Part 1

manygoodtips.com_25.06.2014_8B181ln7NzUl9Unfortunately, the habit of keeping household account book to build your personal debit and credit, have on the strength of 5 percent of the population. Such scruples, by the way, raises a number of questions to the person and makes him a little creepy. Therefore it is necessary to think carefully and to find more suitable ways to save so that sometimes was able to painlessly give consumers our money to eat a little of our budget.

Whenever to pay a decent time, and in my purse a couple of thousand, you ask the question: «Where’s my money gone? There were recently so many!» Often a problem. You need to pay bills, buy clothes, food and entertain yourself. But we will help you to save some money, because the summer is in full swing, and you have to go somewhere!

1. Learn how to save money in the Bank

Thus, modern banks, it seems, cannot be trusted. On the other hand, who can? A small increase at the end of each annual period — a nice change. Put a hundred thousand in a year, they became 110, a trifle, but nice. In order to choose optimal conditions for storage of money, learn all the pitfalls and offers all well-known banks. Remember that banks often offer old-timers a very small percentage, not very optimal conditions, but the chance of ruin such mastodons is extremely small. Slightly more young banks will attract you more than a pleasant interest rates and a relatively good level of service. At least you don’t have to go to the main office in Moscow to close the account. But trust to them among the population, usually less. Clear to shady banks one-day should be treated accordingly.

Highlight the part of the salary and laying it to the account. You can negotiate with the accounts Department at work to do it for you.

2. Have an account? Watch him

Write in the passbook interest, watch the new proposals of the Bank.

3. Put a goal in front of yourself and watch the budget on it

You have a certain pile of money on a trip to the country of dreams, but you have to take the money out to make ends meet? Forget about the money! They are untouchable, learn to live as though you were demoted.

4. Use the ATM sparingly

Never use an ATM that is not the ATM of your Bank. At best, you will shoot 100, at worst a decent percentage of your money. So don’t be lazy, learn all the locations of your ATMs in a radius of residence or work and go there. Given the fact that the machines are constantly broken or don’t give a normal amount of money, you’d be scared to want to use any other working machine for the money. Be patient! Take the bus and go to the Mall.

5. Use sepcialise suggestions and follow them

Need a haircut or trim a beard? Sometimes known stores like «Chop-Chop» satisfied with the action days of free haircuts or haircuts for half price, often you can just search in the right groups in social networks to keep in the theme. By the way, in the godless VK and Facebook, you’ll probably find the community of fans of a freebie and promptly report the tastings and the discounts are not haircuts and things for hygiene.

We must not forget about the sites that offer all sorts of coupons and discount cards.

6. Coupons, menus and check-ins

Foursquare. You probably know what it is. Many establishments give special buns for those who leave a check or write a small review. Sometimes parts can drink coffee, and for feedback to give as a gift cupcake. Here’s a small snack. Of course, this only works once.

Another nice side of freebies and poluchasa is coupons. Some well-known fast food franchise left on its website a special coupons that you can print and use. You can get two burgers for the price of one, add to that a coupon for a beer and to get one glass of foam for a friend. Typically, coupons are only valid up to a point, then they are updated or disappear completely.

7. To obtain a free haircut in the barbers schools

In any case, it will not be such a bad haircut that you will make.

8. The same goes for tattoos

Some tattoo studios do free drawings when they need models for conventions, competitions and photoshoots. If a figure can be beat.

9. Take care of yourself

The best advice, really. If you eat right, eat vitamins and exercise, hurt year will have much less. Even a slight cold complete with all necessary medicines in one to two Grand, if it is to heal, not to run. Much it hurt!

10. Give up expensive habits harmful

One of the most harmful and costly at the same time habits is Smoking. Why? Because it has the unpleasant property of regularity. To the same habits include caffeine and alcohol addiction. Drinking beer after work you can easily reduce to 1-2 times a week. By the way, the same can be said of fast-food when consumed not more than once a week.

11. Shaving cream can be replaced

Why? Baby soap! By the way, newfangled shaving soap to spend more difficult, you can look at them.

12. A cold shower and a short shower

Shower with an invigorating cold water helps to Wake up and save some hot water. If while washing you need to lather the body or the head, turn the water off and do it. When the time comes to wash off, again turn on the water. And do not say that if you have no meter, it is not necessary! The water should be protected!

13. If you suffer from blackheads, use coffee

Love to make morning coffee and suffer a nasty black spots? Coffee can be used as a scrub.

14. Looking for a job? Look at the additional benefits and buns

When you work in the office, have to spend money on food. You can bring, but, as practice shows, to a print tray not such a good idea. Free food — a huge help in choosing a job. If you offer a free gym and a taxi service, you can accept a lower salary.

15. Enjoy free classes at the gym

If the first task trial in the gym for free, use it! The same applies to free classes at the Chekin, and about to the gym comrades.

16. Knock yourself out, but limited

If you do not pamper yourself, go crazy, man. For thus you will last longer.

17. Turn off water when washing dishes

When pounded with a sponge, soap dishes, turn off water that flows in vain. It is not only good for the environment — it’s good for your wallet.

18. Dishwashing detergent can be done independently

On the Internet a lot of recipes. Most of them include baking soda, vinegar, olive oil and different flavors. However, it is always possible tool to be used sparingly.

19. Use air freshener sparingly

You can purchase the dispenser that through each period of time pshikat in the air mixture, and you can just use the vent.

20. NOT to throw even the cheapest devices at once

Broke inexpensive speakers? Try to fix it yourself or take it to repair. If the sum of repair substantially exceeds the cost of the speakers, throw.

21. Choose less energy-consuming devices

Pay attention to the class of electricity consumption of refrigerators and many other consumer electronics.

22. Sometimes you can do without air conditioning

From the air we are sick, and in the world there are many ways to live without it. In the 90s the same people as lived?

23. Watch turning off the light

Before leaving sleep be sure to check if you turned off all home appliances.

24. Disable unwanted channels

You rarely watch TV? Then why do you have a package of hundreds of channels? Meanwhile, read the little book.

25. Time energy efficient light bulbs

Energy saving light bulbs are very common on the shelves in the store. They can be more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but they will pay off in the long run. Led bulbs compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) require less energy to run and support. It may seem a crazy idea, but over a 10-year period these bulbs save about 300,000 rubles to pay the bills for the light.

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