Creative alarm clock, or «just flip»

alarm on1770426617

Something we have in the category «Equipment» often, there are good alarm clocks and things that help you sleep. It and is clear: summer is far as before the holidays, so it’s time to start quality sleep.

Before us another creative version of the alarm clock. This time, to deprive the silent morning from a hideous squeak that denotes the end of night dreams, you just need to flip the annoying the infernal machine.

In order to re-set the alarm for a certain time, you need to return the gadget in a natural position, the letters «ON» to the top. Invented the alarm clock Jeremy and Adrian Wright brothers probably.

However, I don’t think this machine can solve the problem of alarm clock. We think that after a week of operation, the user will simply turn the alarm «on the machine»… and to sleep on.

alarm on1244773601

The only real alarm, it seems, is willpower. Well, or discipline.

But a nice change, you can even pick up in the appropriate color.

alarm on0174347211

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