Created perfume with the scent of the cemetery

manygoodtips.com_24.06.2015_5gZ65f9HAGxZVWe rarely focus on the news, but this is not to be missed.

In St. Petersburg will soon release a perfume with the scent of the Necropolis of Alexander Nevsky Lavra. In the framework of the creative project was created by the President of the Guild of perfumers Oxana Chernyshova. No, there are no mistakes. Perfume with the scent of the necropolis. All right.

The fact that the perfumer creates a series of flavors of the favorite places of St. Petersburg. And the old cemetery, as we know, are very popular.

The Creator says that under the flavors of the cemetery it provides no putrid smell, and the blend handfuls of damp earth in hand, the St. Petersburg air, the wind from the Neva. This fragrance each other is called «Scent of a hermit». On the one hand it conjures up the feeling of loneliness, but at the same time and self-sufficiency in the Universe.

Suggests a slogan like «Taste and aroma of antiquity. Aesthetics cadaverous decompositions. Le mogile. Dior.» Was right Susskind, we should be afraid of perfumers.

In a series of fragrances Peter also includes smells much more pleasant names, «Catherine Park», «the Peterhof fountains», the Hermitage and the Peter and Paul fortress. And that’s not all. Some still are in the process of approval.

The smells of St. Petersburg will be able to feel not only its residents, but also foreigners. Rosturizm plans to open five tourist offices under the brand «Visit Russia». They will be located in Berlin, Rome, Helsinki, Dubai and Beijing. On opening each of them laid down on 8 million roubles. There, in the number of national Souvenirs to be sold and these spirits. Oh, and the cemetery, the Italians still smelled.

By the way, finished perfume products are not only in Northern capital, but also in Vladivostok and Sochi. At the same time, capital perfumers working on the smell of Moscow. Go in there the smell Kuntsevskaya or the Novodevichy cemetery, is still unknown.

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