Create music without basic knowledge of «digesta»


Many of us wanted to learn some musical instrument, but without the boring visits to music schools or singing lessons. What if we tell you that you can create your own music without background knowledge and a considerable Arsenal of musical instruments?

veat Blox, the brainchild of a graduate of the «Beckmans College of Design» in Sweden, a Banquet of Holmqvist, will help realize the dream with this thing, you have all chances to present yourself cool DJ, who easily can «shake» any audience.

veat Blox is a combination of modern technology and the laws of physics, together create beautiful music, allowing you some degree of self-actualization as a creative person. It is enough to have imagination and a little talent.

«I wanted to eliminate the dry technical aspects of the creative process, so that nothing hindered the development of potential and inspiration» — so says his creation of the Feast Holmqvist.

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