Create more, consume less

carpenterWhen was the last time you did something with your hands? Nowadays, this need rarely occurs, because all you can buy in the store. On the one hand, it is convenient: you’re not wasting your time on household things and can get anything you want by paying money for it. On the other hand, there are many shortcomings: we become dependent, not capable of basic manual labor, we destroy a creative start and sink deeper into potreblyadstvo, buying, buying and buying.

Yes, we are all consumers. From the very childhood. First, we generally do not need to do — just consume. Little lives with his parents and only gets: dude lives in his parents ‘ house, eats the food the parent uses the parent stuff. The children’s free time is entertainment. They consume parental resources and allow you to take care of yourself. They leave a very small footprint in this world, they are dependent.

The problem is that we grow up and do not abandon the passive role. Instead of create, we consume. We are no longer dependent on mom and dad (although someone else depends on, shame on them dudes!), but depend on things that are necessary for our happiness. We consume clothes, movies, video games, cars, food, travel — all, to be happy. We only live for their own pleasure and entertainment.

This is where lies the difference between a man and a boy: a boy lives for himself, and enjoys life has a higher purpose. The boys are, what they buy, and men — in what they are doing. The boys are building their identity on consumption, while men on what they create.

Consumption weakens the initiative

We already repeatedly wrote that men are willing to be the creators and captains of their own destiny, they want to control your life. We want to be free and to return your ship in any direction at will.

Consumerism is the opposite of this logical desire, though often it seems that he just encourages us to sharp turns. Consumption, based on the selection of the many options, a myriad of different products and services is not the way to freedom and control. In fact, this control is an illusion. Consumption involves a lot of choices but it’s like a closed question in the test, where you can choose as many answer choices. You choose only what is in front of you. An interesting paradox of our society: we feel amazingly free because of the wide range and non-free in permanent consumption.

The suppression of creative impulses

Men crave to be creators, to change the world around you, to convert wood furniture, a painting — a work of art. They want to leave something behind. The negation of the traits of the male mindset is very harmful to modern society. Young men learn to think about life after thirty as a sort of death, as an era when time stops, when they have to leave the familiar life, full of pleasures, and live for others. Paradoxically, no one ever says that consumption — that is exactly the condition under which the time stops and you can’t achieve, no matter how trying. Your mind is trapped: you’re trying to buy something new in a fruitless attempt to obtain a new pleasure, but the result of one. You consume and not can get from this new pleasure, to enjoy new things just as before. This circle never ends.

We’re not talking about the need to immediately stop consuming any products: it is simply impossible. We want to make emphasis on the fact that consumption does not bear fruit and does not happy.

For example, when you are doing something instead of buy it nice the fact that you’re unable to do something, if you need. To be a Creator, much longer fun, it’s a sense of satisfaction. To use easier, but not so nice as to make something of myself.

The weakening of discipline and sense of duty

The problem of consumption in the fact that in this case does not advance further choice. This whole idea of consumerism is to have choices and make choices. Choose, choose, choose. And then what? Of course, this is not your concern, then you choose something else — and so on indefinitely. We don’t need to go any further choice, to take responsibility and obligations.

Yes, this perspective will ride with toothpaste, but with more global things there is. Relationship — no. With the upbringing of children there. And how can we learn to do all this, if most of the time we simply choose and do not know what to do next? In life we need discipline to build something lasting, special and valuable. Daily us of this, unfortunately, is not taught.

We are distracted from what really matters

Consumers are driven by the desire to find products and services that will allow them to survive in reality what they wanted. Of course, a new product or a new experience never turns out as awesome as we expected. Man loses the illusion, and then finds a new desire to find ways to embody it, sincerely believing that this time everything will be fine. However, we all know how much is the difference between expectations and reality. No matter how cool a product that we bought — imagination always painted him to us much more perfect. It’s such a vicious circle of desire and dissatisfaction.

This gap cannot be closed by anything but the consumer does not stop. It gets more fun actually desire than the pleasure; from waiting, not from using a new product. Pleasure is the gap between imagination and reality.

Such moral rise in the waiting time is not harmful. It helps us to move towards the goal, is insignificant. Discomfort only appears when you realize the gap between the desired life and even what it really is. Studies have proven that we get more pleasure when moving to the target than when you finally achieve it.

The problem of consumerism in the fact that it is distracting us from what really should interest us. This constant discomfort is not that it lacks new stuff, and the fact that we need continuous self-improvement, power and development.

Create more, consume less

One time I played so much video games. There is nothing wrong from time to time to play computer. What’s wrong?

Before the men were soldiers, and now they play for them. Men used to play basketball and football, and now just put the avatar and push buttons controlling the players on the screen. Before the men played on musical instruments — now they push buttons on toys. Before we created, and now consumed.

Why we spend hours love Guitar Hero and not learn to play guitar? To play this instrument more difficult. It is necessary to make efforts, and all that has no reset button — it is an obligation. Are we so afraid of?

But the reality is much more interesting. You change the environment, and it changes you. The act of creation makes a man out of you, develops your sense and skills, increases your strength, hones your character. Passive consumption leaves you unaffected, unaltered. Consumption provokes indifference, creativity requires the engagement.

Creativity can take many forms. Traditional forms even better than the new: creativity at work, creating a strong and healthy family relationships, and parenting. But there are other forms of creation. For example, Hobbies like gardening, art, music. Quest, write, take pictures, get a blog. So simply improve your character.

Being a man does not mean to wear a three — piece suit. It means to play an active role in this world, and not passively observe what you will do next. Leave your mark. Create your world, and don’t use it.

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