Crazy work in the food industry or trade

manygoodtips.com_4.06.2014_bl0QU4vKTlN0hIn the service sector is in constant need of fresh and not very power. Job in any supermarket or fast food, or more or less cool restaurant has the same advantages and disadvantages: strange customers, duties and specificity. Each person in the students should work in the food industry or trade. It’s a brutal experience that will help you or stroke to exclude from your life is a huge area where you can potentially work, or understand what the food service industry or trade — is your place and you’re ready to work there, despite the education and specialization. Well that all paths in our world go to Granny and shops, so even if your profession engineer, you can easily find yourself in these crazy worlds that feed people.

1. All colleagues crazy

At least such impression. In Outlook, attitudes, behavior and psychology of workers in the sphere of trade and services seem so strange people as possible. It is likely that you will speak different languages, but if delayed, will quickly become the same as they are. Work in the service sector attracts people from all sectors of society to form a team that usually never comes together.

There are students who are trying to earn stuff and exams. There are forty aunts, veterans services and trade that have not changed for centuries. A lot of people looking at which gives every reason to believe that they will never be able to find another job because do not know anything else. Their faces bear the stamp of rage and despair. There are those who once tried to become a creative person, but this had not happened because of lack of effort and talent. Now they just have to bring you dinner or to direct the buffing machine at the Mall. Perhaps he still does the writing on the Desk or with shame abandoned the case. And a lot of hipsters that after University I wanted to become fashion designers or journalists, but they have that year to work with your baristas and waiters, even a fancy place. Enough people absolutely do not understand how to interact, especially if you’re an introvert. Suicidal workaholics, who work without any output, especially weird looking in these worlds. Meet and good comrades, but most often it is an absolute hodgepodge.

2. Strange leadership

And now imagine that one of these people was the most important person in the factory! If it’s disappointed in the life of the subject, who wanted something else, instead of working as a senior storeman in a retail chain or a cafe Manager, to observe his actions rather sad. It so happens that you don’t like them for one simple reason: you’re young. You have the opportunity to change themselves, and they already lost. Let them «bumps», but they don’t like this share.

3. You could end up the same

You think you’ll stay here until you find a decent job. However, these people are to you a living example, they, too, once thought it was a temporary solution. Finally, instead of making games, you’re sure to administer commercial network — a good job. Normally pay, benefits package, tasty food — what more do you need? And then you have a scary thought: «what am I so worried! Good job! Not annoying!»

4. Many of them are not able to read and remember the simple things

It is not even simple negligence, and that in the field of trade and the acute shortage of education. In good, it is, of course, is felt everywhere, but especially here. To multiply something in my head for many workers in offices is a difficult task. Like a cash machine finds the total amount and size of delivery, but most work is still completed by a person, and if the cashier counted out the wrong amount of change or surrender (e.g., when giving her the extra money for good measure), it’s her own fault.

The same is true forgetfulness. The idea is that you can do everything, but for some ridiculous reason, meet waiters who can’t remember to bring coffee before the meal or after.

5. You have to stand all day

But not a sedentary lifestyle! Although constantly sitting, constantly stand — is equally harmful to bipedal.

When you work in the field of nutrition or trading, you’re starting to understand that sitting is the most underrated pleasure in the world. Many such work requires that you constantly was on his feet, stood or ran for hours. The first time it seems that you can do it, but then you realize that it is tiring. And this is no cardio, so no illusions.

6. You will have a very peculiar sleep schedule and life

A person needs at least a semblance of a schedule. Otherwise occur loss of appetite, stress and other troubles. When you work in the food industry, you have to work in shifts timetable fixed only in theory. You’re always someone to replace, so making plans is difficult, and on holidays it is desirable that the entire composition was at work because of the huge influx of customers. The same applies to trade industry. 5/5 your schedule might not mean anything, if urgent call for you at seven in the evening in order to promptly calculate remains, replace the goods, take inventory and change around the huge hall price tags and other cranks on the new ones that just came from experienced marketers.

7. Thoughtless of the work

Count the number of residues in the window, go to the warehouse and count there. Put a few ticks in the accounting program, print out and post on the section of the store, put up some others and take them again. Fill large sosnitsy ketchup, pick up dirty plates from the table and wipe. And you do it again and again.

8. Meeting with amazing people

They are in your team, and among those who should serve. They will be rude to you for something stupid, they can yell at you because they don’t like coffee. They can even jump at you with his fists, and any unkind word to respond with angry words in the book of complaints. Such authoritarian comrades in a rush to feel his power and the fact that you have to be below them in some hierarchy.

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