Crazy: What drives you crazy previous age of literature and other art desperately tried to prove to humanity that normal people do not, and every one of us is going amount. If you read scientific treatises fashionable and not very psychologists, it is possible to detect many symptoms and abnormalities, that the fear itself will want to lie down on procedure in the house, where the walls are painted in a soft yellow color. However, remembering his teacher, who claimed that among psychologists and psychiatrists, the vast majority have big problems with the head, it becomes somehow easier. Although largely distrust the experts begets madness. We believe a trip to the therapist is meaningless and useless, and therefore give their own internal tantrums their relatives or, in their absence, their inner self, Rather, we confuse psychotherapy with psychiatry. Physicians as one, say that you need to get rid of stress and be pronounced. But to complain about their problems, we are not held in high esteem. Now the most common mental problem – depression is a personal matter. If you do depression advertising campaign, the slogan would be: «We are different, but it still unites us. Depression. Everyone has their own».


«God forbid I go crazy.

No, it is easier to staff and scrip;

No, easier labor and smooth.»

A. S. PushkinBut sometimes, understanding that mental health should be given more time than hygiene, there is, then you begin to treat psychotherapy and laid out couches with caution. Apparently, the right was my teacher; he, an old man, I know what he says. And the cause is psychological tests. Remember, you endlessly pass them in schools, University and even at job. And you’re glad to see a specialist, but after that it’s frightening. If on the basis of your answers to questions like: «Which do you like better, milk or yogurt» – they can determine your mind, all credibility disappears.

For example, here’s schizophasia, in the opinion of craftsmen, will help to determine the extent of your disabilities.

You are pleased by the government

Are you satisfied with the country? 20 points

Live with just one husband

Or with one wife? 5 points

Are you satisfied with the income

Property as his? 5 points

Pleased you tax

And sleep peacefully with him*? 10 points

Happy life personally**,

Are you happy with destiny? 5 points

His full thoughts

Satisfied by itself? 20 points

Happy with the results

The past years?

Well, and that the most interesting results:

Less than 10 points – a very healthy, already angry.

10 to 20 points – the intermediate stage of madness. The clinical picture is clearly expressed. But to the psychiatric hospital far away.

From 20 to 30 points – the diagnosis of «crazy» is highly probable, but the details require clarification. In General, you need to consult with your doctor.

30 points or more, the diagnosis is obvious, go – to the loony bin.

That the test is complete idiocy, it is clear at once. It is designed, rather, to public speaking MPs, who continually cry, as I love Home, deliriously happy in marriage every day thankful for the fact that they were lucky to be born in Russia. In short, the average citizen of Russia, by definition, requires a madhouse. Because it satisfied the tax may only be Monsieur Depardieu, but rather by the government – only the government itself. In other words, the whole world is one big madhouse. So, if you’re constantly asking yourself the motivation to achieve the goals that you’re unhappy with life, Psychonauts, and personal development – about the desire kicks you from the common herd. All you need now is a straitjacket.

What drives you crazy

«Excuse me, I jaboty,

and aborym.»

Psoy Korolenkoin fact, if you disassemble the head of each of us to delve into his murky thoughts, put the mind Palace on the shelves, you can see thousands of minor deviations. If you take pictures of the routine of your day and go from house to house, offering to talk about God, it’s okay – we all have our oddities. But if you pounce with fists on atheists and Directors of «tannhäuser», it’s time to see a doctor. 20-25% of Russian citizens are mentally ill and were on the account. A terrible number. And given the fact that in our country are treated only those who want it, to appear on the streets is scary. Just look at the crazy seniors in public transport, in order to understand how it is scary. We require the consent of the patient. But not all shizofrenika want to repeat the feat of the Soviet dissidents and cultural figures. Rarely happens when someone recognizes himself and wants the sick to be cured.

After all not from good life we’re losing your mind. The most common reason is banal stress. Some believe that life without stress is like a lethargic sleep of the autistic, that is no life at all. In General, not to get rid of stress, it is the same integral attribute of our lives, as the horrible Russian pop music. Unfortunately, not all get to relax and not to focus on the causes of stress. As a result – a nervous breakdown.

Elementary, failures in your personal life and your obsession with hatred of hipsters can bring you to handle.

It is also known that negatively affect the offspring of drinking parents, the conception of a DUI (even one of the spouses) or the use of alcohol during pregnancy. But it depends not on the patient. A long time ago, when I went to kindergarten, there was a special group for mentally handicapped. Every day with unhappy an unpleasant event. One of them for fun, pierced genitals with a stick, picked up on the street. Until now, this story makes everything inside is compressed from fear. And there is nothing funny, on the contrary, children are very sorry. They are not to blame.

Another common cause is intoxication. So that it is easier with alcohol and drugs: their frequent use gradually erodes your value.

Encephalitis, syphilis of the brain, brucellosis, toxoplasmosis, typhus, influenza, injuries of the brain – all this, too, does not go unnoticed.

Well, the terrible truth about madness: gender and age also play a role in the development of mental illness. The worst thing is that men, according to statistics, suffer from on the head more often than women. Psychiatrists say that the reason that classic men’s restraint. Now, if we were crying and hysteria, you would have lived longer… However, depressed the strong half of humanity became more common. No, we are not persuading you to weep. Just pay more attention to their health. Otherwise, improper treatment bad infection will force you to walk down the street in the Nude, drool, dragging a brick on a rope and thinking it is a dog.

Oh, and most importantly, watch yourself. Walk through the streets, and you see what old age does to the brain. Sclerosis, dementia, dementia – a typical set tired of the life of the pensioner. Sometimes even I want to ask the relatives: in the case that mental illness will affect the brain, send me to the forest, to the wolves, not to disgrace and lost on occasion.

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