Crazy Shia LaBeouf

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2016_QXYi7m71rfZXGIf our magazine in the manner of the vaunted GQ gave out their awards, Shia LaBeouf definitely would have won in the nomination «the Crazy years». Even You Montenegro from «FarCry 3» did not reach the level of the actor. For the last time Shia became the hero of scandals, meme and the compiler of a very peculiar stock. He’s incredible, he’s weird. But in his madness he is beautiful. No, he’s not stupid (about Kanye West will write sometime never), just very original in the art of outrageousness. We love geniuses? Love. Sail too early to call a genius, but to treat it negatively, is very difficult, because he’s like a big spoiled child, is not devoid of talent. It’s even harder to say his name in a drunken state. Try it, I recommend!

More trash from childhood

Shaie this was destined to be born. In an interview, the actor admitted that he believes his family is «weird, but overall pretty good». The reasons for this statement enough. Dad was a clown. In the sense of a circus clown, and not by nature. And like most clowns, loved to touch alcohol, which resulted in deep dependence. The mother was a dancer in a nightclub. In General the house was creative apathy. Parents were engaged in finding-out of relations, rehearsals, but not the upbringing of the child. Circus and dancing in the house was not, especially after the father became miserable degenerate drunk. Parents separated, and in memory of our hero forever etched moments spent with his father. However, they were more in the entourage of the club of anonymous alcoholics.

When I’m looking for a material for roles I understand: the only true value that was given to me by my father, is pain. I use it when I need it for work: I call him on Skype, but we’re not talking about the weather. We provide the services to each other, manipulate each other. He is a true puppet master, he pisses me off. The father is the key to all my underlying emotions. My best and worst moments – all connected with him. This is not a simple knowledge, but I’m not ready to part with it: anger is a strong tool. I love my dad. But between us there is something that for me is more important than to have a father. And by the way, I fully support his way of life. Paying for something that he’s been my puppet master.

Little and large fame

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2016_E9HhTw6Yk3ABRLiving with mother, Shia began to realize that passion as you want to act. Mom, of course, supported the hope of the son. How else could return the life of a boy who is raised in an artistic family? In childhood, when the mother bathed sail, she used to always say: «you’ll grow up to go places and meet by Spielberg».

The first step to the dream was made in school days after the district in which lived the family, and mother. It was a «colored» neighborhood filled with Latinos and «ugleplastika», just like black comedies. The atmosphere was very oppressive, and, that though as-that to cope, Shia started writing jokes. Mother liked them so much that she persuaded the Director of the club, which worked to allow chahi to speak. And I must say, soon his speech became very popular, talented kid noticed, and in 1999, the future actor gets a cameo role in the TV series «Secret materials». Shia plays perfectly.

Thank actor comes after the premiere of the drama «Treasure», in which LaBeouf demonstrated their unsurpassed ability to dramatic play. After the success of the drama «Treasure» the young actor invited to the shooting of the film «Charlie’s Angels-2», in which Shia plays along with international celebrities. The actor is involved in major projects, such as «I, robot», where his partner was not will Smith, then in satanic mysticism called «Constantine» with Keanu Reeves.

After arhicpelago Thriller «Paranoia» Shia became the darling of American critics and almost the main hope of all of Hollywood. Here’s what he wrote about Secco nice edition:

Very soon, Shia LaBeouf, if only he will move in the right direction, will be one of the brightest young stars of Hollywood. For such as he, the future of our cinema.

But the real fame came to our hero after «Transformers.» Funny story, after which Chevrolet, Camargo forever stuck insulting nickname «Bumblebee».

Everywhere, absolutely everywhere Shia showed his dramatic talent. The actor wished to outgrow the image of a youth idol, to forever not to be «that guy from «Transformers»». So he tried to contact such a jerk, and he himself, Mr. Von Trier. In «Nymphomaniac,» it looked like Shia LaBeouf in «Nymphomaniac», no more, no less. In «the Most drunk district in the world» he was incredibly steep, and in «wall street» is lost amid such blocks, like Michael Douglas. Like all good, but Shia started to break. It ceased to be perceived as «the idol of teenagers», but he still plunged into the abyss of madness. It is difficult to give an exact date when it happened. Maybe after got my hands on the notice of license suspension for driving under the influence. Maybe after the notes critic who questioned his talent.

The great madness

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2016_91BCiylmXEt4FThe start was given, when Secca cleaned licked dialogues from comic Daniel close for his short film Howard, where he performed as a Director. Convicted of plagiarism, LaBeouf could think of nothing better than to make a public apology on Twitter, using the words that he spied in a public Yahoo! Answers. The phrase was taken from the theme «Why Picasso said «Good artists copy, great – steal»». What a rogue! At the same time the actor publicly admits: «I screwed up,» and will turn your Twitter into a detailed confession of a repentant person. But the process of «People against Shia LaBeouf» has been unstoppable. It was peachily all, even peers, Jim Carrey, and the network began to discuss, not the actor went crazy.

He, meanwhile, bombarded Twitter with the same caption: «I’m not famous anymore», which translated means «I’m not a celebrity». It is clear that interest to the person only grown and Shia, who came to present the «Nymphomaniac» in Berlin, built his speech with a brazen playacting quotes. All was still in suspense what will happen next.

And then there was the premiere of «Nymphomaniac,» where LaBeouf wore a costume bitard, namely a paper bag, curly-haired head. It’s not even a silent one-hour interview that the actor gave the magazine Dazed – just spent an hour in front of the journalist. Extravagant thing to do, but until Secka was spotted in the pink leggings. Well the leggings and leggings, sometimes, one of us is not wearing pink pants?

My apology for plagiarism was also stolen from other authors. I was just trying to fit a philosophical justification for the idiotic story. I stole work close and tried to make his film storyboards, because they were afraid of their own ideas; I thought, «I Have a right to do so, because the idea of «Uncreative writing» of Kenneth goldsmith is justified». These are the considerations that I have painted myself into a corner. But the crisis of course led me to search for new ideas. My views on authorship haven’t changed – in the sense that #Autoruner, the old concept of the «author» has exhausted itself, but I began to think more about what the word «author» to mean; the «author» can be. Look at Wikipedia, collective authorship, that’s where the future is.But this was only the beginning. Shia was tired, he wanted to apologize to people, or at least pretend to apologize. He staged the performance «I Am Sorry», during which an actor dressed in a tuxedo and all with the same bag over his head, sat silently in the room where came the visitors, which, in fact, could do anything with him. Including to remove the bag from the head of the artist, as did the reporter of one newspaper. It is clear that no apology to nobody Shia is not wanted. First, people do not understand, and secondly, there is a scandal. Sail raped, but thank God it was a woman.

She came with her boyfriend, who was standing outside the door. Ten minutes was oslepila my feet, and then section me and raped me. There were queues of hundreds of people when she came out disheveled with smeared lipstick. I was on a high. And her boyfriend probably also.Apparently, Shia, as a gentleman, could not refuse the lady. in that moment, when the people took their seats in the audience to continue to enjoy the antics of the actor, he died. Was quiet for a long time, until November of last year. Titan fell silent, to blow up the Internet. Oh, Shia, you’re a walking meme generator, how good you are! Written motivational speech not just amused but blew it off as even a bag on his head LaBeouf was not possible.

In fact, the actor took part in a student project of the Central College of art and design, St. Martin’s in London.

Students suggested the use of performance LaBeouf as an introduction to his works. Students wrote a short monologue (no more than 100 words), each of which the actor later played to the camera. Released 30-minute video that consists of short motivational pieces. LaBeouf stands in front of a green screen and pushes it. And it does so aggressively, so eccentric that it becomes scary, and suddenly, if you do not follow the call, he gonna rape me? This is Shia, he can. Shia shouted: «Do it!» – roared like a Titan that’s trying to get out of the shackles. He winced and took a strange posture, resembling that of a rider, not something that suffers from month constipation. The next day, the cries became a meme, and homegrown editors inserted sail wherever possible.

Public interest was returned, and Shia, not to waste time, decided to hold the major performance of his life – a 72-hour marathon. Just the screening of all his films in reverse chronological order. In this case, he was sitting in the cinema watching them without a break, sometimes the distraction of going to the toilet and for food. While looking manly without being distracted by sleep and the phone as a decent viewer. Apparently, Shia really enjoyed myself as an actor. On the first film («the Deceased») LaBeouf managed to cry in other films leaping laughed. At the same time in a cinema absolutely free people came. Of course, not for the movie, and just for shits and giggles with a marathon runner. However, in the end, the actor broke down and went to get some sleep in the aisle than have a standing ovation from the audience, which from the time of «Transformers» was not.

While this last feat Shia, so we’re being patient in waiting for the next trick. And in the meantime trying to figure out what the hell he does it.

So what’s the point?

It is actually very simple. Shia many times claimed that his idols are actors who have established themselves around the myth. Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Sean Penn and James Franco are known – these are the guys that understand what to place as an actor – that’s half the battle. Little prove yourself as a man, able without further ADO to cry for the team Director, need to see you, cried all around. In other words, you need to become a big Hero. Oldman, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix. The guys who dig in their work, to the dark sides of the myth, not just playing heroes like cruise and Hanks. Even in my childhood didn’t like spider-man and venom. I grew up on «South Park», «the simpsons.» I was raised in an ironic culture. And when I look at johnny Depp or Sean Penn, which build their images in a cruel twist, they understood me. I didn’t like Jackie Chan, I liked the downed heroes Steven Seagal. I loved Mickey Rourke. These were men, which was equal to my father. I looked up to his father. He doesn’t look like Tom cruise or Tom Hanks. He is a Vietnam veteran and biker from the «Club of the Mongols».True to the romantic maximalism, LaBeouf never tired of repeating that he sees his ideal in the complete fusion of craft and life, the elimination of any walls between the living man and man playing.

Independence is the key point, around which is built is the process of growing up. For LaBeouf, who grew up outside Los Angeles, independence implies a movement against Hollywood cinema, in spite of him, and through him to the pure authorship and equality itself really.

When the ship is sinking and you have to choose to survive the only solution is to jump from island to island. One thing to be more. It’s the new sensuality. For me it was a new way to Express yourself. All of my work – study, and I don’t see much difference between the methods of acting and performance. My incarnations in movies and in life have influenced who I grew up with. #Isntitironictotp. And of course, I was influenced by characters in which I had to get used to. But now I am more careful to choose. I gradually regain control of the situation. And I feel like in my work and therefore in life there is hope.Shia is a serious actor who is very serious about its roles. Before filming «Fury,» he’s a few weeks did not wash, he chose a small room in the hostel to the luxurious room and even pulled out my tooth, imitating the hero and trying to get used to the role of a young tanker. He’s not one of those who seek to capitalize on Hollywood status, it is interesting to suffer, to suffer for the role. And all of his performances – the attempt to discover new horizons, a way to challenge.

What is the only story when he’s in the nines quarreled with one of the last great men of Hollywood’s Alec Baldwin. Even so. Shia just translated it, because it was required by the role. However, all over the fact that sail kicked out of play, closed the road to Broadway theaters. But they made it up Baldwin, Shia even admitted that he cried when he read his dry response.

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2016_BsIkhqdntsXT2From this history of Baldwin I, frankly, still not recovered, though reconciled with him. I then made the role that method. Slept on a Park bench, woke up, went to rehearsal. I was so afraid to fail that he learned all the text before rehearsals started. And the whole purpose was to humiliate Alec Baldwin. It was required by my role. It was my job as an actor. And I wasn’t going to do it properly. It lasted three weeks – I brought him, I needed him really scared. After three weeks, it is already impossible to withstand. I then make up with him – he was the first who contacted me after the trial. He sent me an email – such a nice letter that made me cry on the plane. I haven’t talked to him since then, as I got fired from the production. I stayed another month in new York. She followed him, haunted him. I just didn’t know what to do, I was a mess and still not out of the role. I started going to a Boxing match, trying to distract from the play but did not succeed. So I started to chase Baldwin, when he returned home from rehearsals. I needed to feel close to the material. I was at the premiere, sitting in the front row, at the end stood up and gave a standing ovation. I cried, they cried.Some believe that soon from a lack of roles, the actor will go head first into performance. But no, he too loves his craft, and all the suffering for him. And such madmen need Hollywood who is tired of the lean mixture sweet boys too arrogant and brutal. He is a clever showman, is ready to organize a performance out of nothing in the most unexpected moment. Since Brando was not such, was or perfomance, or geniuses. Shia combine all at once. And so it is very need Hollywood, we really need. Maybe he will challenge the American film industry, which is mired in the production of the sequels? The only hope for him and no less eccentric James Franco.

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