Crazy scientific theory about the Universe’ve come a long way since the days of Galileo and the flat Earth to the current intentions for the conquest of space. However, learning at least a quarter of the cosmic mysteries and could not, the universe is still a big mystery to us. Of course, the Hubble space telescope has done wonders to help us understand the world, but it’s all sophomoric in comparison with the aforementioned theories that actually might not be as crazy as they seem, and quite real.

There are an infinite number of other Universes

We are accustomed to the fact that our universe is unique, unfathomable, mysterious, and daunting. But what if in fact nothing unique in it, and there several Universes? The big Bang occurred about 13 billion years ago was very powerful to just create your own exponentially expanding universe.

Some astrophysicists argue that Megadrive stimulated causing a whole heap of other unique shapes and radically different Universes, and we all co-exist independently from each other, separated from our neighbors in our own Universe, that is, distances much higher than 92 billion light years wide.

The Solar system is a hidden ninth planet

Since then, as Pluto was deemed too small and girly to be considered a legitimate planet, and under spanking pissing rags booted out of the elite of the Solar system, the inhabitants of one small and very blue planet felt a little disappointed. 8 planets is a little ridiculous for a normal system. But there is still hope that we will again officially be nine planets because Neptune, and even far beyond the orbit of Pluto, an extremely elliptical orbit worn planet with no name, which is called George, the Fat (still, presumably its mass equal to 10 earth), Iafeta. It is assumed that the planet distant from the Sun about 20 times farther than Neptune, an average of 600. that is, and makes a revolution around the Sun for 10 000-20 000 years. Of life on it, of course not, but pride for the native sun takes — still withstands the 9 planets.

We live in a giant computer simulation created by super-advanced aliens

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2016_5Kd3rNjH9YmRYAnd this item is funded by the TV channel «Ren-TV», and the hero of the meme, the host of the show «Inexplicable, but fact» Sergey Druzhko.

Many scientists believe that if aliens do exist, it is likely that in terms of technology, they are more advanced than we are, millions of years ahead. Still, because they fly under the dome of the earth, kidnap someone not getting but humans only learn to start the «Proton-M» just started to try to land the rocket boosters are only going to colonize Mars.

Based on this assumption, some scientists and philosophers believe that we actually exist in a reality created by them, such a great simulator ancestors, where not only the world around us is a simulation, but it is the human consciousness — the same simulation. You’re nothing more than created in the «Sims» character, your life is a company in Russia, which is another alien. And all the accidents, the troubles, hardships and joy — it all depends on the skill and diligence of your reptilians. Here such fun. Who knows, maybe technological progress is another update of our lives, released far the overmind. Just the reptilians liked to drown humanity in the mud and blood of the middle ages, they began to play — and then they are tired of updating my «Renaissance».

In the end, the universe will freeze

There are many theories about the end of the Universe, but one of the most popular among scientists is the so-called «big freeze» or «Big chill». In short, winter is coming. In fact, the theory assumes that the universe decelerates its expansion, and begins to slowly cool down to the point where the entropy comes, the stars and planets wither and die. Nuclear forces are exhausted, stars will go out, the universe gradually cooled, it will no longer support life, will die and will turn into empty space. Space is very cold, really cold, for sources of heat and light… they will not. So, hurry up for the sable coat and generators pointless — will not help. Although, don’t worry, you’re still up to this moment will not last.

We will be torn to pieces together with the atoms

However, there is another scenario when the Universe is torn apart, along with Galaxies, stars, planets, and then disintegrate the atoms themselves. From the Earth the species would be simply amazing: a wall of utter darkness moves on the Universe, stars burn out, the darkness covers the planet.

That’s why space collapse. There is a certain form of energy, called the dark, which keeps the Universe from compression. Dark energy pushes Galaxies apart from each other and acts against the force of gravity. If it were not, then because of gravity the expansion of the Universe could end, and she shrank would be a point. However, the universe continues to expand, because dark energy is stronger than dark matter.About 7 billion years ago, gravity and dark energy are in balance. But the universe expanded, the density decreased, the force of dark energy increased. Since then, she dominates. But the end will not come soon, you will have time to live all of its 9 lives before you will decompose into atoms.

The universe is unbalanced mess many years, cosmologists believe that our universe is isotropic, or approximately the same in all directions. This defies comprehension cube, hanging in eternity, or lying on the palm of God. However, some more recent findings indicate that, for reasons unknown to us, the universe is not symmetrical and in some areas significantly disturbed. That is, the number of Galaxies spinning clockwise, and those that are «twisted» in the opposite direction was the same, then recently started to talk about what moving counterclockwise much more. But I can sleep on your thesis work or the quarterly report is not affected.

The universe is a big hologram

From all this the current popularity of virtual reality technology it is not surprising that there are people who believe that our universe itself is one giant holographic illusion, which can be subdivided into measurement — pixels. It is quite possible that our bodies actually is not truly three-dimensional objects, but instead we live inside a two-dimensional hologram.

In the end, theory suggests that the universe actually exists only in two dimensions and the third dimension is an illusion. However, the official science claims that nothing can move faster than the speed of light, we are not able to determine how our environment is «real».

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