Crazy dude from Texas lynched a chair in his yard and told everyone (and Obama in particular) «Go to Hell».

It all started on Wednesday, with the fact that the man named Bud, Gonon lynched on the front yard of an empty chair. I must admit, dude, this bad is still the original. According to media bad hung the chair as a symbol of «empty space» awaiting Obama at the Republican National Committee. Not bad podtverjdaet and not refute this statement, but it gives us a wonderful phrase: «I really do not care: it bothers You or not. Take [Your concerns] and go to hell, might as Obama grab. I don’t have shit. If you don’t like — don’t come on my street.»

Recently, Johnson added to the chair of the U.S. flag. Or maybe just a bro and his girlfriend is not enough attention, which they abundantly received in August 2010, earning the title of «Yard of the Month» by associacii homeowners.

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