Crap job: how to realize your job sucks?

Oddly enough, not all people are aware that work not only hated the work, but also at work, which frankly destroys their lives. Life is work. If you want you can give a lot of associations for life, but most often it is the constant action that is aimed at certain objectives. In adolescence we are told that life is determined by what you do; what you feel and what you want or don’t want to go. We are accustomed to the fact that you need to do some work. Good or bad, the most important thing is simply to implement it to once a week you could go out and eat something delicious or buy something useful. So all live adjusted for personal preferences.

Pretty quickly it became clear, what not all so is simple. Adult life does not allow us to do what you want. We walk in the footsteps of our predecessors, received his well-deserved treat at the end of the week, but we still, to put it mildly, not good? What is the reason? We chase the negative thoughts away, but it’s not okay to do what we deeply, painfully in the groin do not want? Many people do not believe in such a thing as a favorite work. It is important for them only, does it give money. Sometimes they start to pay attention to how the work is hard and it possible to go out with her Internet so that the chief did not sarpal. Of course, as we already know from the article, hated the work need to be worked out to everyone! Another thing, if you are spending too much time on the job, which frankly annoys you, and I sincerely do not understand what is happening.

I understand that a difficult and exhausting labor builds our character. Being a strong man means to get up every morning and face challenges, regardless of whether you are ready for them or not. However, our whole life should be held under the auspices of the permanent struggle to get up in the morning. It is on the verge of masochism. Of course, there will be days when you want to go to work, so sometimes even those who like it. But it doesn’t have to be every day! If this continues day by day, something is definitely wrong!

Something is wrong if you are counting minutes, seconds and hours before the end of the day. Something is wrong if you don’t see prospects for career growth. Something is wrong if you feel stuck with no options. Something is wrong, if you hate the thought of having to spend another day, week or month doing the same work at the same place. So, if you’re not happy, you uncomfortable or are you just unhappy to seriously look at your life and work and decide whether they should take the plunge and go?

1. You restless at bedtime in the expectation that you have to get up and go to work

Usually when things are normal, you treat the thought of having to get up early in the morning without negativity. It means that we need — it usually react to this problem those who are quite satisfied with their work. But you hate to fall asleep, knowing that tomorrow the hell will begin again. Your Sleep is restless, you feel the stress and you Wake up for work absolutely shattered, feeling that they were going to execution.

2. You’re not in close relationship with colleagues

You don’t talk about personal things, do not laugh together and talk about something not work related. You are absolutely strangers to each other people, and everything that connects you — the space in which you work. Usually colleagues are if not friends, then very good friends. If in your team no one is talking about, how was your weekend or watched the last of the movie, it’s really bad. It is difficult to work in a team, which you have not accepted. Even harder to work in a team where no one is accepted. On the other hand, there is nothing holding us back, if you dare to care.

3. When it comes to the news from work, you feel physical pain

Notification in Skype, e-mail on e-mail or a banal message from a colleague on the phone… can You feel the hostility and the nausea literally. Any news from work throws you into a spiral of depression, and it’s definitely not a healthy working environment. Your job should excite feelings not let the excitement and happiness, but at least more calm than fear and anxiety. Work should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential, to show itself from all sides, but any creative vein to immediately shrink, it is only your boss to send you a letter.

4. Are you ready to be in the hospital not to go to work

Sick hate, we all know about it. But if to choose between the flu, pneumonia, severe food poisoning, broken limbs and other diseases that can lead to complications and work, you think ten times. I’m serious. Some kidding when I say that it is better to get sick, but if you choose between pneumonia and going to work, most will choose to work. But you really like seriously hurt because of the work you not only physically hurt, but also hurt in the soul, which is much-much worse.

5. You dream about the death of his boss

Your boss will never enter into your position? He never praises, and the attitude that «I the chief — you shit?» He genuinely unpleasant people who have seized power and became a tyrant? The most unpleasant in this situation is that many people believe that a good boss is not there. I’m serious! I know several people who always had bad luck with the authorities, and they have developed some sort of explanation for this. For these people, any people, to reach the government, once it becomes shit, because «power corrupts». However, they do not realize that it often happens that power over people, the chief placed the responsibility for subordinates, responsibility for their actions and the additional load. In life a lot of bosses who almost «parents.» They can drink beer, joke dirty jokes and chat normally. But if you want a slow and very painful death of his boss, what exactly is wrong! Your negative thoughts will be only more intense, frequent and repeated from day to day. Do yourself and your boss a favor and go before the situation will show you more ugly side.

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