Covers that surpassed the originals

Whether it is the charisma, the flow, and then in basic contact with the audience and time – it is difficult to say what is the reason, why some be covers of famous originals. In each case the reason.

We picked up some covers from a huge crater to give the dudes a reason to speak up in the comments, in our favourite style «And how…».

All Along the Watchtower

Who: Jimmy «king» Hendrix did of Bob «Dylan» Zimmerman

Bob Dylan’s life are very unlucky. Well, not lucky for him, with all his great talent to write brilliant songs at all times, to own kozlyonok not be able to play the guitar. So the lion share of his songs topped the charts. Fortunately, Dylan about this, especially not from complexes and even admitted that Jimi Hendrix is revealed in the song those colors and tones, which he was unaware. Yes, and it does not recognize, if it is acknowledged even by the Bucharest pensioner. Since poor Bob to please the audience, to this day takes this masterpiece is not in its folk manner, namely in the manner of Hendrix. But just roughly, enthusiastically, as if this song is another Hollywood Superman will not be refunded to the explosion, he can not. Still, Hendrix is Hendrix.

Die my darling

Who: Metallica – Misfits

I get itchy alveoli when in any gear or the stories on «Metallic», as musical background to put it «Die my darling». Well, because there is a big difference between the performance of the pseudo thrash metal and horror punk. And ask the person superficially versed in music, who performs it. He will respond «Broom», forgetting about the primary source. The fact is that Metallica turned out, without changing anything, to sing and to sell it as if they invented it, if it is their typical song, which it is not. And hell, you believe them. Well, of course, she has a sound quality better than the original recording of the Misfits 1982. And it’s hard to admit it when a rabid love for the work of «Il Duce» «, Misfits» Glenn Danzig. Thank God that the fans remember who sang the original.

Whiskey in the jar

Who: Metallica – Thin Lizzy

And again talking about the glorious Chelyabinsk bendy «Metallica», who loves to sing other people’s songs so convincingly that you begin to believe in their authorship. This song was sung by a brilliant, but, unfortunately, the forgotten team of Thin Lizzy. Their vocalist was the most dear in Ireland mulatto Phil Lynot in which the Irish spirit was greater than in the wrestler Seamus and whiskey «Bushmills». And the guitarist was at one time Maestro of the «weeping of guitar» by Gary Moore. But the roots of the song are not from the «skinny Lisa» and the Irish people. Well, what to sing world-famous drunks, how about «whiskey in the jar»? Song who not only sang, but worldwide fame (second time) she got after she took the «Broom». The song fell in all sorts of rotation, the famous music video was played on MTV, and even received a Grammy for «Best album». While the rest of it was the song «Thin Lizzy», rhythm, melody and famous guitar loss. Except that Lynot sang it in the folk manner, not having a great vocal, he roared it like a drunk from the bar or your neighbor is a drunk after a fight with his drinking buddies. Hetfield sang it more professional. My compliments.

Behind blue eyes

Who’s who: The Who – Limp Bizkit

Same story as with the «Die my darling» came c, possibly the best song of the band «The Who». Young people almost do not know that this song was written a bizarre psychopath who invented smash instruments on stage, Pete Townshend. It was in 1971. And in 2003 Fred durst, has recently encroached on Russian citizenship for PR, I decided to echo. What can I say, turned out pretty good. But The Who all somehow forgotten that it is insulting. And someone… no, the truth is, almost no one knew that they have this song because it was never popular. It became known only after the covers. In recent years, however, began to recollect the original. And the glory of God. Personally, I like atmospheric raw vocals Roger Daltrey and cheerful, alive and niiskuskindel rock-n-roll solo-Townshend’s washed down on the creaking vinyl. In this version, I believe the song is about how lonely to be influential. A cover no worse, no, but I can’t understand what he better.

Higher Ground

Who: Red Hot chili Peppers Stevie wonder

Perhaps wrong to say that RHCP Higher Ground performed better than the legendary Stevie wonder, who wrote it. They performed it differently, in a way. The song is so they came, both in terms of text and music that it was a sin not to use it. Performed wonder’s she’s also wonderful. They do not differ, except that he is slower, and the vocals of Tony Kitisa sydnee. But on the other hand, he never jumped around the stage with a sock on the reproductive organs. British magazine Total Guitar put the song in second place among the best cover versions of all time, and it gave a powerful impetus to the rising popularity of peppers in the distant as stability in the country in 1989.


Who: Johnny Cash — Nine Inch Nails

Johnny cash is Zeus, Confucius and Yuri Antonov in one person. It is a huge stone in the Foundation of modern music. Sometimes it seems that during his career he invented everything, what do the current musicians to write good music, sing beautiful as the Serbian national team in volleyball, velvet voice, to behave provocatively, walk and drink, like last time, and do awesome covers. Anyway, among the stars of Western music name Cache is causing a terrible desire to kneel and praise his name. This is not even dreamed of Alla Borisovna. But no one could think that the sick, the Cache will include in your album one of the darkest, depressing songs from the repertoire of Nine Inch Nails. The album consisted almost entirely of covers of songs the best of Depeche Mode, sting, Eagles. But this song has closed all and even much of the creative work of the Cache.

«It was like a foreign man, something has altered in my songs written on personal memories. Johnny cash brought a certain darkness to the song. It is melancholic and eerie,» said one songwriter Trent Reznor. But it seems to us that from the mouth of a legend lyrics sound like a confession and repentance, why treacherously emerges sentimentality, especially when you look epitaphical video, which contains shots of the biography of the singer, who, incidentally, became the leader of the «100 greatest music videos» by British music magazine NME, spun at the ceremony «Grammy», etc. And deservedly so. But this simple guitar accompaniment impressionable sounds of a full orchestra and parades on the red Square.

The Man Who Sold The World

Who: Nirvana — David Bowie

Opening track of the third album David Bowie, released in November 1970, has been sung more than once. But all was forgotten (including the original) after it is called, indifferently-dramatic version of the wizard of headshots Cobain and Co. He may not have acquired a bit of fame, if not out on the legendary MTV Unplugged In New York in ‘ 94, shortly before the death of Kurt. After the death of the hero of the occasion it was played everywhere, several times a day. She is so organically fit into the «nirvanesque» creativity in later years Bowie has received many bitter moments at concerts when singing «Man who sold the world», heard the comments, a La: «Hey, the fellow that sang the song Kurt!» And only then lowered the sound a tone lower and sang in his manner, no frills kind of synth «a hoot» and treated voices, as it was with Bowie.

You’re in the army now

Who wins: Status Quo — Rob and Ferdi Bolland the

Once there were two Dutch from the former colonies of Africa, Rob and Ferdi Bellandi, which in 1981 recorded an anti-war song about Vietnam and American soldiers. The song became quite popular, it is not even on the radio airplay. And then she heard Frank Rossi from the band Status Quo did a cover on it, is not, however, very much from the original. But the fact that the cover had spread over the cities and villages, becoming by far the most recognizable song about the army all over the world. By the way, in Status Quo a lot of good songs, and abroad know them well. In our area — just «here’s the one about the army» that unites them with a group of «Earthlings», because not many people know that «Zemlyane» they sing, but «Earth in a window».

Saw night

Who: Zdob si Zdub — Viktor Tsoi

In 2000, when with good intentions was recording a tribute album in memory of Choi, with the participation of all stars of the rock scene of the CIS, no one could not imagine what success awaits him. And all thanks to two instead of rare covers that are firmly entrenched and stuck to the performers. The first is, of course, Zdob si Zdub. Hot Moldovan guys are strongly associated with this song. No one remembers what they’re singing about. The curse of the son, not otherwise. Nevertheless, even the most tenacious and hard-core fans of Choi agree that this crazy Balkan style fits the song better than the simple-minded the motives of the source.


Who: Zemfira, Viktor Tsoi

But Madam ramazanovoj, everything was not so clear. She took a much more serious «the Cuckoo.» Then, in 2000, when she released her first, mowed them over the album, «Cuckoo» seemed to be the perfect complement to her work. Now, 15 years later, many people think that «Cuckoo» she wrote. But if in the case of Zdob si Zdub pointless to argue, there are conservatives who believe that it is better Victor R. nobody will sing. Although why argue, Zemfira sang it brilliantly.


Who: Zdob si Zdub — Valery Meladze

A little more attention hot Moldavian guys. In principle, take any song, add a brass, Balkan motives, energy, and you get a masterpiece. But here they have surpassed themselves. The song they performed once in a broadcast channel on which Irada Zeinalova says, all is well. In the program «property of Republic» sang songs Konstantin Meladze. Sang as best they could, by itself, is not particularly straining and showing no imagination, is not out of Zdob si Zdub and fulfilled, and a song about the Gypsy Sir so «delicious» and it is characteristic that the great Goran Bregovic would envy. But early Meladze is very good, it even in the bath with the men not ashamed to listen to. Unfortunately, there is no Studio recording of this masterpiece, but you can easily find a quality version.

About the fool

Who’s who: «Chizh & Co»… no, not better (because the songs Letov Letov better nobody sings), but with a twist, not worse than the original

A small digression. Attempts to sing songs better than the Letov Letov as ridiculous, absurd and unnatural as stories about a two-hour Threesome with two 16-year-old blonde, when you’re 12 years old, and you have an avatar in social networks is kind of cubic stuff from «minecraft», whose angles would be envied Modigliani. However, smart people don’t try to sing too much. They are trying to sing differently. Here’s the old, washed all the alcohol and kosher Blues Sergei Chigrakov got to do with one of the Wade adrenal Letov songs — the song «About a Fool» — a small masterpiece. Of course, with higher-quality sound, typical for «Chizha» accordion, modulation, guitar and drive. The song choice for this group «Chizh» left in it by itself. However, if in the performance of Yegor she sounded like a witch’s spell (the song is based on the ancient plot and set of sentences), the performance of «Canary» like the song. Although someone does not like it, personally I love this song, just listen to the cover.

The House Of The Rising Sun

Who wins: The Animals — the American people and all, all, all

Who has not performed this classic American folk tune about a brothel in New Orleans? But the worldwide fame, the song received only VIA the name of your own idiotic haircuts «Animals». Perhaps still it is the most successful song in the career of «Animals». And listening to someone else’s performance, you begin to treat this version as the original.

Nothing Compares 2 U

Who: Shined o’connor — The family

The older readers remember the clip from the 90s, where shaven-headed lady with beautiful face is so heartfelt and beautifully sang a wonderful song. Called the song «Nothing Compares 2 U», and even shocking, then, is the shaved skull Chained did not prevent her feel. Love her and still, and still it is the most successful song in the career of Mrs. o’connor. But the author of the hit was Prince. Was a man of very low growth, with a fancy guitar, who sang something about «purple rain» costume, enticing men. And he wrote this song not for Chained, and for its funk side project THE FAMILY in 1985. Subsequently, after realizing the scale of popularity covers, Sanad, Prince twice will release this song on their albums. But it’s better than o’connor, nobody sang.


Who: Jeff Buckley and many others — Leonard Cohen

Who not only sang this song by Leonard Cohen, except for the Leonard Cohen! Just lazy. This song became the anthem of life and love, her at every opportunity trying to wedge in some movie, and in this case somehow forgot the author. Once again, Leonard Cohen. And his version sounds like something hard and ugly compared to the version of Jeff Buckley. The musician’s name will not suffice. His life lasted for only 30 years. But they performed a cover was the top of his short work. In 2004, a cover was ranked 259 in the list of «the 500 greatest songs of all time magazine Rolling Stone». Version Buckley still swear they love. But as for me, the performance of Elton John’s not worse.

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