Covered Franzoni

Covered Franzoni


Guys, what do you think is better? To stay in the friend zone, deal with it and try to maintain friendly relations, or, as soon as I realized that you were dynamite and friendzoned, stop to chat?

The theme of the friend zone this just as pathetic as the men who got caught in it. We in the editorial office sincerely sorry for them.

Universal true opinion does not exist, you, as in the Russian folk tale, there are three options. Go to the left — will become her eternal friend, friend eggs, which she is going to cry after every breakup and ask what she should wear on a date with you: a blue dress or a red one. Worthless option. Go right — will burn bridges, and cut off all ties with her, not going to see her and talk, and you’ll have to forget about it. Worthless option? Just go — start trying to win her over and open her eyes to such a wonderful yourself: sin with you not to meet. For such a scenario we even have tips on how to get out of the friend zone.

If you’re still not sure, you languish in the friend zone or to impress your friend by all means, here’s the features of the friend zone veteran. Recognize yourself? Want to change it? Even if this time nothing happens, analyze the situation and understand why you’re in this predicament — how to get into the friend zone?

Now my personal opinion: I saw that dynamite, — tell me that you do not agree to be a friend and stops to talk to her. If running then realized his mistake. If not, there it and road. Let the dynamite of other simpletons.

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