Cover for jars or bottles

You’re a tough guy, and you have a little extra time? Stray piece of skin, and hands grow from the right place? Then you to us! We’ll show you how to make an original cover for soda cans.

The case for cans and bottles – this is quite an unusual way to attract attention, but at the same time it’s quite original, comfortable and suitable for regular use. In addition, it is very easy to do, even you do.

1. What we need

Of course, it is best if you have the necessary tools to work with leather, but you can use and improvised.


  • First, you need a leather and a special oil for processing to strengthen it and to give firmness.
  • You’ll need a penknife or any other, as long as it was sharp.
  • Thread for hand stitching leather, mostly waxed, nylon is a good choice.
  • If you like lacing you can use leather lace instead of thread.
  • Needle for sewing and lacing, as well as dye for the skin on your choice.
  • Gomnitracker for polishing the tool to Polish and mink oil – all this is not necessary, but will improve the final result.

Still need:

  • Container for hot water.
  • Tool to carve grooves in the skin, but you can live without it.
  • Sewing tool (wheel) to baste the holes for the threads and make it easier to sew, but can do without it.
  • Ruler, pencil.
  • Awl for punching holes in leather (you can take an awl made of hardened metal, which can improve the result).
  • Pliers to remove the stuck needle.

2. Cut the leather

As soon as you treat the skin with a special oil, can cut a square 10 x 22 cm Make a mark with a pencil, then it can be erased.


3. Cut

If you have balls of steel and a sure grip, you can do without special tools, just take a sharp knife. Cut the edges of the skin from the inside.

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4. Note

If there are no special wheel, which makes holes in leather with a certain interval, you can use a ruler and a thick needle or awl to make the holes yourself.



5. The formed cylinder

Soften leather in container with hot water (not boiling water) and leave it there for 10-15 seconds.

Now her color has changed a bit and it is softer – it’s time to use decorative stamps, if you have any, of course. While the skin is soft, roll it into a cylinder using the clips to form.

Now to dry the resulting cylinder dryer, it did not brighten. It will take a very long time, so please be patient.

6. Make the holes

Now you’ll need an awl and similar pointed object. Make holes where once walked the special wheel. Now widen the holes the thicker sewing.

7. Finish

Now find unnecessary soft cloth with which you paint the skin. Spread the paint to not leave more dark or bright spots. Procras a good edge. Wait until all dry, and do the same on the reverse side. When everything will dry out your skin mink fat.

8. Do the bottom

Cut a circle of leather with a diameter of 7.5 centimeters. Now turn this around the same as in the previous paragraph.

9. Make a loop

Cut 25-testimetanu strip of skin 2.5 cm wide Can do and wider. At the edges of the strips, make holes and don’t forget the treatment with the same 7 pips.



10. Sew

Now I can safely look at the pictures and repeat simple movements. Take a special needle and the selected cord and start sewing. After you finish this tedious job, you can tie the cord ends inside the almost finished case.

11. Sew the loop

You’re going back to sewing, only this time you can do a thick and strong thread. If you do so, as shown in the photos, congratulations are in order: now you have a good case and holder for cans with water or beer.

12. Enjoy

The words will be superfluous. You’ve done the job! I hope you’re happy with it as well as we do.


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