Courage in modern society

manygoodtips.com_2.06.2014_2cOkqwvbZTj2GLatest news: men are becoming softer. This is one reason for which was created We offer you a graph which illustrates three groups of men in modern society: the brave, courageous and minimum average. Obviously, there is a group even less manly men, but it and include in our characterization is not necessary. Look what we have:


The average level

The first thing to keep in mind is the portrait of a modern average man. The common man was not always so. A long time ago he could kick some ass today’s most courageous men. There was a time when the concept of «average» was not shameful, but in recent years, with the male population has been transformed dramatically reduced the amount of courage per capita.

The first thing that catches the eye in the chart of the average man, — a sharp decline in courage after ten years of age. Why ordinary men are experiencing a decline in their masculinity to 20 years? All the matter in the devastating impact of the education system and mass culture at this vulnerable age group. MTV, endless television shows, social networks are the key factors of the West of courage. Popular channels and shows on display to the public men in women’s clothes with the tan and piercings in all sorts of places. Of course, these people are successful and rich, but what do they cost? If you evaluate male popular singers and rappers, it is unlikely the average result rises above the level of 1.5. They have money and women, no doubt. Only.

After 20 men are in the majority realize how funny, and Mature. When they reach the age of 30, begin to develop the strengths of older men. Such qualities are acquired only with age and help show my son that you’re the boss. No matter what you were in youth, with age you only become tougher.

For 40 years the average person is naturally hard. Most likely, by this time he already has a child, and he is forced to be courageous, because he had no other choice.

The minimum acceptable level

The name speaks for itself. This is the minimum level of courage for which to strive.

A man of this type begins with the same, why and other. To ten years it is only slightly ahead of the average man. This is because in ten years we make the unconscious choice to live the life of a man or become a man all look down on.

To 20 years this type of average is ahead by two points. Such a level the average person will not reach never. That is why it is an important transitional age. During these years he learns to play sports, gets good shape and getting an education that will spare him from having to work like an ox for food. These classes do not give him to get caught up in pop culture, intoxicating the youth of their respective standards of living.

Up to 30 years employees a minimum acceptable level of courage is quite hard, it can be called a real man. He began to develop in ourselves the very power of age and remain courageous to the end of his days.

A manly man

It may seem that minimum level is enough. Indeed, it can be called the husband, reaching this minimum status, but to always finish second — it’s a shame. If you take the lesson, hope it will be the desire to become a courageous man. This goal is difficult to achieve, but with effort everything is possible. Above average — has a nice feature.

Already at the age of 10 courageous man ahead of his rivals at one point. The reason is that the courageous path chosen in the deep childhood. Some feel that this is due to the strong pressure. The main difference between a courageous man and two other types of knowing how important it is to be unflinching at any age. He early begins to exercise, a lot of practicing before others and opens up fishing and hunting. Moreover, the choice of Hobbies belongs to the child, and not his father, but the father’s influence on him is also very large.

To 20 years this type ahead of their competitors so that they never catch up. With age it becomes even harder as his rivals.

Look at the schedule and honestly define their place in it. Maybe you want to search the Internet for the phrase «how to be manly» or «what makes a man masculine» — and this means that you have a problem. Imagine a situation: you smoked for many years and one day decided to quit and start a healthy lifestyle and go on a healthy diet. Your body will recover, but the damage is already done. If you’re in the middle group, for you there is hope, but you have to work hard and unleash the beast so long and so carefully locked inside. But… the damage is done. We will help you to become more courageous as possible. Not switch and listen.

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