Countries where you can beat the wife


When we watch the news to learn about some exotic madness from the country of the Sands and ancient tombs, we understand that «they have a different culture,» so much to forgive and understand. But when we see the background of this hell we have, then, to understand something difficult — the bills were submitted, normality again put cancer, and «traditional values» once again rewritten.This happens, for example, with the topic of domestic violence. It is actively discussed in the media with the submission of the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on family, women and children. This Committee, which is supposed to modernize the Russian legislation in such a way to live in the family was in a rush. But ardent basistka a cat lover and a lover to generate memes with the speed of the falling spacecraft «Schiaparelli» Elena Mizulina perceives the buzz otherwise, and therefore asks to decriminalize family a beating. This means that to beat children and wives can without fear of criminal consequences (let off with a fine). The bill was rejected, but this whole story has exposed sharp edge of public consciousness. There were a lot of people who believe that hitting a woman for education — a healthy idea.

Maybe we leaked paranoia, but what if our country turns into the most «exotic madness» which will be showing on TV somewhere in Poland or New Zealand under the cries of «don’t blame them, it’s just a different culture»? If so, we volemsya in a wonderful company where a beating is just a component of family life.


Hafiz from Afghanistan was seven years old when my father married her to a man who was 42 years old. For ten years she endured daily beatings, torture and sexual violence.

«I was too young to understand what was happening. I thought he was my uncle. My childhood ended that day when we met. I would like to be born a man. Even if I was blind or crippled, still life would be better. Men don’t have to suffer.»

Work.kom.ua_24.10.2016_1Yv7RJL62ukvEThis country is famous not only for its choicest hashish, but also all sorts of buns in the legislation that will please our the state Duma Committee on family, women and children. No, you do not think that in this country there is no law. Every woman has the right to go to court if her husband is hurting her, but they do it rarely, and when they do, they get on top of another beating. Not only from husband but also from the court. After all, the Afghan court the most liberal and kind in the world, after all wives back to their husbands, knowing that it is better to go with a busted face than a severed head. Statistics for the country are terrible. According to the organization «Women for Afghan Women» 90% of Afghan women suffer from domestic violence.


Men need to allow slightly to beat his wife if he does not comply with the requirement or refuses to dress in accordance with his wishes.

– The Council of Islamic ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan the sun had risen, and the regional Parliament of Punjab passed a law to protect all the oppressed women. It described the problem of psychological pressure, financial oppression and, of course, physical violence. However, the law did not take effect because the Council of Islamic ideology it is not approved. In the end the guys from the Council decided to write its version of the bill with blackjack and hookers. It turned out something very strange, because the law is directed against the oppression of women eventually became a law that these paints oppression in all its glory. To understand in this story is difficult, but one thing is clear — the elite of the state itself does not know what to do, and women continue to beat, because society is accustomed to. Meanwhile, according to the Pakistan medical Association for the period from 1994 to 2007 in marriage, was killed and eight thousand women. Spiritual, Patriotic and family.



A fantastic country and is quite rich, if we compare with other States in the region. A good army, and even the king looks more like an American billionaire than an Islamic ruler. It seems that women there are well. Our countrywomen, for example, generally only dream of as a rich Jordanian guy. This is evidenced by Google is clogged with keywords «Russian women in Jordan», «life of Russian women in Jordan and others.

But when they come to this country, apart from the magical structures of Petra, they get a dose of «fun» Jordanian traditions, which is better to say the results of surveys conducted in the country. For example, the Jordanian middle class in the face of students of higher educational institutions in the amount of 91% supports wife beating. While women themselves do not mind, but here there is a whole system: a) 83% of Jordanian women approve beating if the wife deceives her husband; b) 60% of women approve beating if the wife is to blame for the burning of food; C) 52% of women approve beating if the wife refused to follow instructions of the husband. We can say that a friend is there with the character, and not all that bad. In addition, the burning of food is clearly demonic misdemeanor.


I do not want to combine all countries in one cultural code, so add a little bit of Indian spices in the dish of domestic violence. In India a big problem with rape, which is bleeding is not the first century. Despite the fact that the Indians show a great growth of the economy, industry, and education, they are still divided into castes. Caste society has its advantages, but also disadvantages, too, because people of higher caste will always be able to Dodge any legislative initiative. It is trying to fix the problem of rape and domestic violence is discussed in the Central Indian TV channels in major cities held huge protests with the requirements of a fair trial, but India is a country of contrasts.

Very traditional upbringing «silent majority» who are all these demonstrations to one place. The rural population lives under the 1983 act, which does not recognize domestic violence for the crime. It is possible to rape a woman, because sex is part of marital rights. This law was canceled in 2006, but in the minds of many people in India, he is still alive. Besides, dowry is also fueling a passion for runout.

If the groom gets a little money for the marriage, then his family is so outraged that all of this can lead to murder. Moreover, a popular method of execution-burning alive. The percentage of convicts for these crimes is terribly low. The courts for decades. In this case, the judge doing favors to those who belong to the upper castes.

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