Countries in which the woman is better not to be born

For the sake the eve of March 8 we need to write something light and lovely. But we must remember that this is not just a holiday for women, is an international day of struggle for women’s rights and international peace. And while your friend resalevalue you for a cool gift, some women get completely different «gifts» and are not even aware that life can and should be entirely different.

We have compiled a list of countries in which women are better not to visit. Although in these countries a woman is generally better not to be born…


The once glorious Republic, formed, fallen victim to the geographical location and the radicalism of the brain from local residents. Backward hell for anyone who tests puts a tick next to the letter «W». Women in Afghanistan have no rights so far as it makes no sense in this country. Why you need a country in which life resembles a bad dream of God? A riotous blend the harsh cultural traditions and NATO bombing makes life very unpleasant.

Even scarier to be a little girl because strict Afghan men who believe that globalism and world fraternity – a slap in the face to their religion, can do whatever I want with you.

Can wash the face with acid, as in 2008, or poison gas school because men categorically don’t like that women go to school. Why you need an educated lady? Chechen elder after all, has made it clear: «Half of the woman’s mind – the mind of her husband.» But education is only a hindrance.

Women who decided to try themselves in non-traditional roles, often threaten or kill them. For example, there were cases when female officers and female TV presenters killed. But if not to kill, to humiliate.

In fact, the woman who leads a decent and acceptable for a Muslim way of life, is also not protected, because there’s a fucking dumb-ass husband Talib. Husband Talib is still to be captured. He will beat you purely for prevention, and then for attempting to escape will cut off your nose and ears. It’s normal talevski, they allegedly allowed the Almighty. A lot of stories, but the most popular was the story of a girl Aisha, whose mutilated face even made the cover of Time magazine. Without a nose Aisha lived for a year. For two years she slept in the barn with the animals, her home is not allowed. And two years later this family life the Woman tried to escape, but she was found and returned. Cut off all unnecessary decent wife and left to die on the street. Then it was moved to America, got a new nose, she began a new life. But how many Aish who are less fortunate. But once this name was associated with the beautiful song Cheb Aleppo, remember?

The birth for Afghanistan as a challenge. The birth mortality rate in the Republic is so high that many a good birth can be considered a miracle. Plus constant attacks, the complex relationship between the various ethnic groups in the country – all this makes the usual violence and legless, armless, and other ladies in the streets for something remotely resembling civilization.

Democratic Congo

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2016_3GZf6Gc9DelAuRead essays on the Theme Lebedev on Congo – just small, poor, nice country where everything is black and strange. Statistics read UN – amazed how you can live there? And what there can do for you and your white friend… do Not let the Buddha even think about this. Just such a mess in terms of sexual violence there is, perhaps, nowhere.

What is happening there that can cause a normal person gag spasm. Women there are raped. Constantly and brutally raped, an average of 400 thousand times per year. Here’s a bleak statistic.

Here are memories of one such monster:

We were twenty five, we got together and decided that each of us should rape 10 women, and we did. I’ve raped 53 women, including girls, five or six years.

I was raped not because I’m evil, but because it was a lot of fun. When we got here, we met here a lot of women. We could do anything.The fact that the Congo still suffers from wars with neighbors. We pay less attention to Africa, but there is a real hell. War-torn to almost every other region. Here Congolese soldiers and rounded up to evil, including on its own. And then to have the militants and do the same. What is continuity! Particularly affected the city of Kivu on the border with Rwanda. Resentful of the Tutsi (tribe not to be confused with the band) turned the conflict from which the country still selected.

Militants and soldiers don’t spare anyone, including little girls aged three years and older women. They are raped by groups often use sticks, and some women shot in the vagina with a gun. Here they are, the Congolese fun. Women of all ages are used as sex slaves.They are taken by force and later treat them as «property» of one or more fighters. In captivity they spend who days who months and some years.

We will not say what is fraught with such military fun. AIDS is rampant in the country, infected more than a third of the population. Women get rejected, they are forced to go to shelters and live in terrible conditions. Medical care can not count, the level of health care in the country is even lower than some concept of morality.


manygoodtips.com_4.03.2016_JB1JAgHkL8miSSomalia – as the Caribbean Tortuga is famous for its pirates and beautiful tropical landscapes. In Somalia it’s always Sunny. White sand urban beaches washed by the blue waves, and the midday air was filled with lazy African heat. Kaboom! Banged something in the distance. It’s a blast. Nostrils bursts the unpleasant smell… Like a dead pigeon. And no, a dead man, already decomposing. Though not surprising. In Somalia’s used to it, been here 18 years is a war. As no such country, there are a number of areas. who consider themselves independent. The largest of them is controlled by the Islamists (they are again) of the radical organization «al-Shabaab». Life… no Life there. It’s anything but life. It’s even worse than survival, than his attempt. To live there is terrible.

And in this country where no education (do not), medical and other benefits practiced female circumcision. Little girls just take and cut off the clitoris. This is such a wonderful tradition in the world of cruelty and absurdity. Why is it done? There is a perception that it reduces sexual desire of women and thus saves their virginity until marriage and prevents promiscuous.

Indeed, female circumcision often leads to painful intercourse for women and lack of pleasure from him that causes women to accept sexual relations only in accordance with social norms, with legal husband. Here’s a chastity belt.

In addition, this act guarantees the emergence of a stable, physically strong heritage – watt process such gates do not break down. But this is not the only justification, Somalis believe that this prevention of lesbian love and female Masturbation.

This ritual had to do even diplomats ‘ daughters, who live abroad. Tools can be anything: good, what is bad, if the nails in the most neglected villages. Girls 4-5 years (and at this age the process) more likely to lose consciousness. Worse, when there is blood poisoning. If you remember the nails, there is nothing surprising in this result. Anesthesia… ugh, laugh! They believe that a girl needs to know pain, why such tenderness! But grow decent. However, because of the constant brutal war, the soldiers often open the «locks» and rape women. Raped EN masse in the middle of the streets. Violence – it is permanent, but disgraced parents prefer to get rid of the shame and sell daughters into captivity, in exchange for some sustenance. That’s such a devout person.

To die here at any second, and it seems that the locals are used to it. But the worst thing that can happen to a woman in Somalia, is pregnancy. As soon as she gets pregnant, the chances of dying or surviving 50/50, as there is no infrastructure to monitor the pregnancy. There are no hospitals, no medical care, no nothing.

And what to the pirates? The pirates are not as scary as radical Islamists. The pirates are also subjected to violence as their own, and other people, but who they are: simple rural folks who do not shoot very much. But «al-Sababoy» – it is quite another thing, and all according to Sharia. However, this does not prevent them to rape Muslim women and kill Muslims, which in itself is prohibited. Well, the little things… Their passion to take visitors correspondents and members of humanitarian mission «Doctors without borders». Black as a bastards, evil and hungry, they kidnap people for ransom valuable. For the integrity of the prisoner is not liable. May have something to cut, to beat and rape that is described in detail in his book correspondent Amanda Lindhout whom they had kidnapped. But it is better not to read unpleasant.

Another world

manygoodtips.com_4.03.2016_mjTauZv2G6jZJI must say that in the slave countries, especially covered in any kipish revolutionary-radical sense, a woman is better not to be. Women at the time of the fighting need to put in a huge ark and send it on a journey as «full House» on the Volga», while men doing real men’s work – beat each other face hell knows what ghostly perspective. Particularly unlucky war correspondents. I can recall only too white for too African STEAM (a nice consequence of apartheid) Sara Logan, who went in the throes of revolution and sand by the wind of change Cairo. Girl for 25 minutes raped and beaten by a crowd of 300 people. And, tellingly, with impunity.

In General, the predatory nature of a journalist to good arguments, especially war correspondents and especially women. For what it is doing? For the sake of fame? Because journalists no one is interested, their names I do not remember. For the sake of duty? Stand on the background of dying people and to talk about how bad it is? Maybe im not extreme enough? In any case, the terrorists and the locals believe that they lack some tough love, because a lot of examples. So no heroism here, to go in the throes of evil changes and chauvinism pit as much sense as buying a nails of Napoleon and Josephine, bidet, hoping to soak up the energy of a great man.

Pakistan: In Pakistan, a country with a huge population, the Anglo-Muslim heritage and nuclear weapons, full of strange, as the sadness at the unfamiliar and unpleasant people, tribal and religious practices harmful to women.

Among these cases of acid attacks, child and forced marriage and punishment or retribution by stoning or other physical abuse. There is evidence that thousands of women are killed every year. But Pakistan for a long time the rules of a woman – Benazir Bhutto, but men’s laws and the precepts of the prophet is stronger.In most areas of the country women without the permission of her husband or family members can’t even get out of the house, and their communication with other women and especially men are very undesirable, as the pregnancy to 14. Although it is worth noting that in big cities this relationship is not. There and the hut is not made of clay, concrete and glass, and the woman fitness instructor is not uncommon. But 3rd place in the ranking of the most dangerous for women countries, Pakistan occupies.

DAISH (aka ISIL), he’s a hell of a thing: But all surpassed ISIS. From the front hear conflicting rumors that give hope that the bloody kislotnik wild animals broke into metaorganization group, which is not surprising for crap savages. Reinterpreting the Quran in their own way, loved whole soul despise women Wahhabi Islam, mufti issue fatwas, are without any Foundation. The Imam even explained that any self-respecting Muslim can eat part of a woman’s body. For ladies this is not a punishment, but a great honor, a way to become one with her husband. Well, not like the Wahhabis of women, for they are the creation of Satan. What you need to do with creatures of the hellish host? Insult, especially if he is of another faith.

Anyway, the ladies bullied as well as in Afghanistan, only to support the economy in Iraq and is associated with tights Levante built slave markets, where you can buy tidco or a Christian for only 1000 dollars. Old for 500. Summer can barter. Girls are very expensive.

Let me remind you, in the XXI century. Pointing at the smooth surface several times to contact the other continent, and the earth’s orbit is littered with satellites. But normal Islam is not a brutality and abuse of a woman, on the contrary, it is bequeathed to respect women. But who cares? In Saudi Arabia, for example, a lady could go to jail if she sat behind the wheel. Although sometimes, looking down the road, they begin to understand.

India: But that will bring you to another culture, not Muslim, but no less distinctive. India, a country of contrasts, incredible weirdness, where the background shining the dazzling blue of the skyscrapers are made of mud and parole wilds. Shine and poverty are side by side, as a civilization with savagery. However, this savagery called traditions. It’s a movie all girls are beautiful and melodious, in fact, to be a virgin here not so fun. From the rudeness, harassment and violence suffered by many women, and not only tourists but also locals. All because men are significantly more. But the bottom line is this: most of the population lives in poverty. According to Indian traditions to give birth to a girl profitable because she had to collect a dowry, which many later years do not get out of debt. The size of the dowry defines the greed of the groom’s parents. That is, you lived from hand to mouth, had a son and can cash in, even if he is you moron with a nozzle below the knee.

When did the ultrasound to determine the sex of a child, the country was gripped by mass abortions: parents prefer to get rid of unborn girls. Because of the constant pressure on women, almost each of them goes through 3-4 abortions before will not be one hundred percent sure in the birth of a son. And the noble Indians do not disdain to drive his beloved out of the house, hardly knowing that she would have a daughter. Here’s a she, an Indian romance. The ultrasound will show, enjoy fatherhood or not.

By the way, note to self: do not let your friend alone in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Morocco, South Africa and Thailand. There is a sad statistics, according to which tourists are exposed to violence there. And the police is silent, they have no desire to jail their relatives.

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