Cosmic lottery: why are you so unique

manygoodtips.com_10.10.2016_1r0tSnJFpT4FrWe can say that we were created by some deity made of clay, planks, clips and packages that were left after ordering food at McDonald’s. But scientists will not agree — they believe in the cosmic nature of matter, the chemical nature of living cells and the evolutionary nature of the body. Yet the scientific view of the world so no one has denied, so we can only each time to refer to it.

But science is not boring, because it permeated all of our lives. It can explain our origins and even to count the chances of you specifically, insecure, and always whining at the injustice of the world. If you think about it, you’re already at birth has won the most important lottery in life. The universe envies you, and even more billions of beings who could not appear in it.

You’re an accident, but a hell of a Fluke

Old people know what it is, they are glad that they live. They know how to appreciate life, and probably it is due to an upcoming death. But even if you’re young and born 20 years ago, then you don’t have to cry to myself that I was born in Los Angeles, and Rome, that the parents do not live in three-story mansion on Brighton beach (although the area is so-so), and in a Studio apartment on the outskirts of the city.

You are lucky, lucky because the very appearance of such a planet as Earth was unique.

It borders with the concept of «impossible» — one chance in 140 trillion. It is not enough, but you can still take chances on the origin of life (1 chance in 795 billion) and the evolution of life (1 chance in 89 billion). Still not enough to feel its uniqueness? Open up any book, look at the letters — the letters of your alphabet. You know, what is the probability of occurrence of the alphabet and of civilization? Don’t know, but we say 1 chance in 12 billion. That is, if there’s one intelligent civilization in outer space, there are eleven billion nine hundred ninety nine million nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine other people that do not know what a letter, what is communication and what is the sauce «Tabasco». How do you 1 chance out of 6 billion on meeting your parents? It is possible to calculate the probability of sex, but we won’t hurt you distant memories of times when you were a little sperm. But remember that successful fertilization of the egg before you is 1 chance in 90 million. The statistics we got from writer Ben Kerry, but his books translated into Russian do not want, heathens.

The chance appearance of a person in the world is close to zero.In the world to live Dr. Ali Binazir, who received a medical degree at the University, and then started to learn the layers of philosophy at Cambridge — don’t confuse her with those who blow up airports and chops off the heads of infidels. This Ali good brains and even made a careful calculation of probabilities of your birth. It took into account the number of male and female friends on Earth, and the number of people of the opposite sex, who may become parents in the first 25 years of his life. Then he made complex calculations repeated meetings, the emergence of relationships, sex and ability of the sperm to get into the «bullseye», from which you will grow.

Imagine that two million people play dice. They play a bone with a trillion faces. They all simultaneously threw the dice, and we all fell the same number.

Ali, Benazir –One chance in 400 trillion. That’s how you’re unique in the universe. This is surprising, given how fragile our lives are and how little influence we exerted on the near galaxy. We grains of sand, but very unique grit with intelligence, views on life, the arrears of rent and animal passion to the process of reproduction.

Cosmic evolution

manygoodtips.com_10.10.2016_UvBzDT9wze853You’re part of an epic cosmic evolutionary process. For a long time our universe has expanded (she now continues to do), and you, the person, is in the process their place. In a sense, we are very alone in their thirst for knowledge, self-reflection and exploring the world, but this lust makes us different from rocks, meteorites, cosmic dust. Our experience is unique.

The history of humanity, despite its modest scale, is terribly strange, it is a pity that no one can appreciate it.

At this stage of scientific knowledge we all believe that the universe resulted from the Big Bang, an incredible explosion of energy that was the beginning of the ecstatic movement of particles throughout the ever-expanding space. Particles interact with each other at molecular level. Molecules to create more complex chemical compounds. Chemical compounds bump into each other and begin to «float» in the flow of a space together, creating an enormous cloud of dust and gas nebula.

When gravity enters the fray, it connects the dust and gas together to create a star or a huge boulder. One nebula gave birth to the stone which we now call Earth. This nebula gave birth to our star — the Sun. Appeared on earth exceptional atmospheric conditions gave us the opportunity to bestow the planet with water. The carbon contributed to the origin of life — a phenomenon which is characteristic (at the moment) only for the earthly world.

Life eventually became more and more complex. We’re not talking about social and financial difficulties. We are talking about tiny bacteria that gradually turned into a pretty rough life. These creatures tried to adapt to the environment — many of them extinct. But the rest was enough to split tree evolution for thousands of branches. Survival of the fittest.

At some point the organisms were so complex that they had self-awareness to function and survive. Without such awareness, action, first-person, it was impossible to get further to the top of the food chain. Consciousness evolved slowly but surely. Appeared animals with a large range of sensations. Animals that can experience emotions, learn, learn — there thinking.

And then there was us — the people. You could call it a novelty, because if you take the whole evolutionary process, then we are on a small period of time, which can not take into account, when viewed from the side, the margin of error. But we have taken a leadership position on the planet and today going to say it on Mars. Stupid and smart, ambitious, and vain people, I believe, define us animals whose evolutionary path is much richer than ours. You’re lucky to be a part of humanity, although today it is fashionable to be ashamed of it.

Luck that borders on the miraculous

Don’t take the above for granted. Your stay on this planet borders on the miraculous. Countless number of small details had to come together to make it happen. And all this in a small corner of the milky Way. A slight deviation and you wouldn’t be here. If the Earth were only slightly farther or closer to the Sun, it could never be habitable. If not for Jupiter that protects us from asteroids, then we could die as soon as I learned to hold a stick in his hands. But we are alive. And it looks like we colonize space rather than let this space to kill himself.

We can breathe, walk, talk, distinguish food by taste, feel, hate or love of a friend, to feel «the spirit» or depression — all of this was not to be.

People usually consider walking on water or air a miracle. But I think the real miracle is to walk on land. Every day we see a miracle that doesn’t even recognize: a blue sky, white clouds, green leaves, the black curious eyes of a child. We see it all firsthand, that’s where the miracle.

– Thit NAT Han, fashionable Buddhist monk –Buddhism and is a regular rubbish, but the local monks over and over again pour honey in our ears and explain complicated things in simple words. So we would advise you to look around, forgetting about all the absurdities, the suffering, the «impossibilities» that you face daily, and start to do something. To give your life the value it deserves. You’ll need time for it, but it’s worth it.

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