Coregrid and swing: why bother at all?

Movie the lazy fat losers get beautiful women. To him as the Dude from «the Big Lebowski» come the girls, throwing off the robes and proudly tell them, «Love me, dammit!» Unfortunately, in life it happens very very rarely. Fat guys often don’t get the luxury of ladies because of laziness and shoddy appearance adds a number of complexes that do not like any woman. Of course, there are always dudes in not very good form, who manage to obtain luxurious ladies. I have two rather interesting fellow: Vanya and shreds. Both complete, both wear glasses and are exclusive programmers-nerds in the image of thought, but women just love them because they have important qualities: arrogance, sense of humor and some charm. They receive girls from «so-so» to «my God, what a magnificent woman.» But these guys are rare. Most of the ladies look first in appearance and then on personal information. But to be honest, I personally don’t swing for the ladies but for yourself and for your health. Moreover, it is always nice to know that you look good.

So why full guy, he was great, you should lose weight and exercise?

Lean look better

Not exactly skinny, but thinner. Losing weight makes your face look narrow, it is better delineates the boundaries and chin, giving the face any kind, but courage. If you have a second chin is to lose weight, really worth, because that is certainly overkill. Weight loss provides not only the face and the body a more chiseled look, you cease to be amorphous and become very concrete about the guy. In addition, the cattle make you visually younger and seemed to suggest that you watch your diet. However, a typical Russian woman, I think, is not paying attention, she would have to feed the dude from the belly of mayonnaise salad.

Women are picky

When we first met she always appreciates your appearance. I even will tell you: they all appreciate someone else’s appearance. Sometimes not so much body as for the clothes and manners of behavior.

The girl will think twice if she has to choose between a man of normal stature and well-to-thick, but rich. This is such a huge plus. You can always brag to his friends. It is worth remembering evolutionary biology. Historically, the best hunters were thick, because it is difficult to keep up with production, if you drag a load of fat. It seemed to hint to the girl: healthy male and a healthy male is definitely the better pot-bellied gargoyle.

To attractive in General are better

As we have seen, emaciated and uploaded look better from this and dance. Shockingly unpleasant fact, man, but beautiful uploaded guys, even if they are not really released mug, better attitude. For some reason I was immediately reminded of the cute dumb guys tournameny from uni, which put three-four only stare, almost all teachers are female.

Women who have penetrated into all spheres of social life, like to admire the appearance of things. Since God knows what time «the mill of public Affairs is spinning from the fans». So guys enough to smile at work, to forgive mistakes in the report and a lot of trouble. The reason for this relationship?


It is no secret that the more a person is confident, the more chances that this man will convince all around that it «may». Nice people that take care of themselves, confident to the point of madness. In his example, saying: as soon as I lost weight and took up the mind in terms of training, confidence, reinforced by the views of girls and the reflection in the mirror, growing by leaps and bounds. Your confidence will give you strength to approach the girls, to meet and if they shut you down, not to despair but to go further. If the guy looks like a complete schmuck, but confident, that’s funny (although some are conducted), but if a man and looks solid, has a nasty belly and chin people believe even more. And your confidence gives a lot of buns, for example, the chance to meet some really beautiful women.

Beautiful women

Uploaded a solid and confident man can take a chance to approach the unapproachable beauty of the banal «hi!» and to win her favor. First, he believes in himself, second, he looks good, which further enhances his confidence.

By the way, remember this «Question dude»? So, if you keep the brand», your girlfriend will look after themselves. Myself without you «Soap, fat donut and go to the gym, you soon won’t fit in the apartment!»

Dealt with women and confidence? But there’s something more useful for everyone.


What can you invest with our kind of economy? In dollars? In the action, HMM? In bitcoins? All this is transient. Need to invest in health! Let’s face it, few survive to old age, for obvious reasons, but old age will be much more pleasant if you remain healthy curiosity and a love of physical activity. My grandmother lived to 91 years old, was in perfect health, were digging in the garden and hated to sit still. Good health to the end she kept using physical activity every day in the garden, agriculture and so on. If you have a healthy body, accustomed to work and self-discipline, you have more chances to keep a cool head at the end of life. There’s nothing worse than senile old people, it is definitely a bad old age, and many grandchildren this does not help.

It’s harder than it looks

In physical exercise there’s no magic pill and methods. There are more effective methods and pills. Even the most vaunted one commentator L-carnitine, according to many researchers, has shown its usefulness in a very small number of experiments. Protein whey is good as a replacement need to eat a kilo of chicken breast every day, but without quality load on all muscle groups of protein is the extra calories that will be deposited in reserve. Also worth thinking about the motivation and know exactly what you’ll have to swing to bleed then tear off the hands and rubbing calluses in the most unexpected places. The first time a workout can seem like a nightmare but, if done correctly, you’ll fit in.

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