Copy-paste will help you to become a genius

manygoodtips.com_4.09.2014_SLCGPOsUiJOKXThis is the same when two people who are millions of miles apart come up with something similar. Ideas are in the air and sometimes they find several people. But there are times when one person deliberately steals someone else’s idea and trying to pass off. This often happens, especially in print and other written media.

Want to become a better writer? Copy the idea from others! This is not sarcasm and not a joke. We know exactly what we say in Russia, our site is one of the most copied. Very much of what you read on Facebook favorite pages, the fruits of our labors. If us mail send a link where blatant copied our work, what where changed by neither words nor pictures, we always react.

But arrogance has no limits, really. People still continue to copy-paste from our magazine. We do not mind, take it as you will load, just leave a link to There are unique cases where someone has copied someone else’s work, and then became incredibly well known and respected. And you know the names of these people, who became known through other works. No, we are not saying that they blatantly stole everything to the last comma. They studied in other works, took over liked the style. Who? Well, for example:

1. Jack London

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2014_mpRfxNd2DlfzDDo you think his pen immediately began to turn out masterpieces? As it is not so. First, the work which he tried to publish, returned to him with a folder of failures. He knew that he needed to improve his writing style, something needs to change, and he wasn’t going to stop.

Most of the program of self-improvement London included a study of the works of other great writers. Of all literary mentors, London the most admired style of Rudyard Kipling. Day and night, to fly day and night he sat at his Desk and rewrote the work of his favorite author. He tried to get into this world or Vice versa to absorb it all, all the characters, scenes, and others.

«As for work, here I was trying to follow in the footsteps of his teacher Kipling. I even quoted it.»

The work of Jack has not been in vain. No wonder he spent a long time according to the census of Rudyard. As a result, he wrote works which are in the libraries of people from countries around the world.

2. Robert Louis Stevenson you want to know how the author of the famous «treasure Island» wrote this book, we’ll tell you, he was engaged in copying. Just copied all from their predecessors, word for word are the same, even the punctuation. No, he didn’t cheat someone of their works.

Stevenson read excerpts from any prose, read it several times in a row. Then put the book aside and tried from memory to rewrite everything with absolute precision. In fact, it is very difficult, you try to do so and that all the commas and colons stood in their places. Even when Robert has achieved popularity and his books are read he continued to practice «cheating».

3. Benjamin Franklin

manygoodtips.com_5.09.2014_5Tm42DZcx2NdABenjamin Franklin was not only an inventor, statesman, publisher, but also a prolific writer. In addition to his famous autobiography, he has published numerous articles in magazines and even a few scientific treatises. To master the writing craft, Franklin came up with for exercise.

Exercises of Franklin includes not just copying other people’s works, and a definite plan:

  • Read the text;
  • Make notes for each proposal that you have read and put the book aside;
  • Look at notes and try to reproduce the text in your own words;
  • Compare your version with the original;
  • Reconsider and improve your version.

4. Hunter S Thompson

For the sake in this list but actually all understand that it is much better than the first three writers. More recently, walked among us and taught all his gonzo-sermons, even now he continues to do it, people learn from him through reading his books. As does the hunter when he learned from great writers. Despite his giddiness and expression of the majority of Dr. gonzo, one-piece and assembled.

Who helped him learn to write? Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Hunter repeatedly rewrote «the Great Gatsby» and «a farewell to arms!». Through these works, Thompson perfected his style, the style is not similar to the writing style of these classics. The hunter managed to create something unique, sincere and not embellished these flowery thoughts. But all this not without the help of a great copy-paste.

Maybe it’s time for you to start rewriting the book. Or at least a small bit, who knows, maybe you will begin a new era in literature.

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