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Yeah, man, sometimes to hide from the authorities own peril. As, for example, in the case of the unfortunate guy.

20-year-old Bryan Zuniga tried to arrest for a very odd driving style. It seems that it was not in vain as the suspect after attempted apprehension rushed through the other door of the car so much that heels sparkled. However, he ran not long, but trying to escape from the authority cost Bryan dearly. Apparently? universal justice finally drew attention to our long-suffering ball and punished Brian. From the bushes near the water treatment station on Zuniga was attacked by a real crocodile with amazing speed knocked Brian to the ground and biting the limbs, face and other exposed parts of the body.

To the rescue in time, the police saved the guy from being eaten, but later charged him with driving while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

But we still think that this is a specially trained crocodile.

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