Cool umbrellas as a remedy for the rainy grayness delights us with its bright colors and spicy smells, no nasty and annoying mosquitoes and rain, which do not bring negative emotions, if you dry and comfortable. But even if the storm caught you outside the office or home, that’s no reason to get upset and curse the heavens for the seasonal meteorological freaks. Stylish and cool umbrella will not only protect you from the wind, but will also complement your style.

1. Umbrella — samurai sword (Katana)


The legendary Japanese warriors, the samurai, known not only for their deadly fighting skills, but a strange trick: in one of the many battles they hid their swords in the normal derivatives of the canes that turned the tide of the battle, given the undeniable element of surprise.

The idea liked it so much that swords began to masquerade as the normal stuff and even umbrellas.

Modern designers have taken this story on the weapons and made a real samurai umbrella. It is absolutely harmless to others, but being folded and clasped behind his back, produces a very striking impression. Perhaps this current fall accessory, casually slung over the shoulder, will relieve you from sudden questions from the «will call?», «Got any spare change?» and «How to get to the library?».

This umbrella will provide you dry, and your friends envy.

Buy umbrella samurai Sword

2. The umbrella — gun


Great gift for real men: miners, hunters and all representatives of the alpha class.

The handle of this cool umbrella made in the shape of a butt and a stylized tree. Pressing the shutter trigger with lightning speed reveals reliable dome at the end of which is sight.

The kit also includes a convenient carrying case that will allow you to carry a «gun» behind.

To buy an umbrella-gun

3. Umbrella with a glowing handle — Jedi


Arm space Jedi sword is not limited to division into black and white or red and blue. As is known to all, bad Jedi sword glows red, and good is sky blue.

The rod of the umbrella is made of durable clear plastic that will glow all colors of the rainbow with a single push of a button. First pressing mode is activated a smooth transition of colors. When re — umbrella begins to flash. The third is disabled.

Umbrella with soft handle will be a great and practical gift for the fan of the Saga star and fancier of original and unusual things.

To buy an umbrella Jedi

4. The umbrella-gun


On the rains-pistols we’ve heard for a long time, but the umbrellas-pistols — this is something new.

The trigger stylish carved handle, austerity black color, practicality, and protection from rainy weather — it will be a great gift for those who have at heart the sleeping adventurer and a romantic.

To purchase the umbrella-gun

5. Umbrella-constellation

Reliable and high-quality umbrella that will protect you from the weather and cheer up, because any time of the day you will be able to consider a bright and colorful star map of the sky.

An unusual accessory has a double-layered dome, made of polyester with a diameter of 100 cm, which can be easily removed for cleaning, and a convenient curved handle made of wood.

Buy umbrella-constellation

6. Umbrella for two


Large and comfortable device to protect you and your friend from a sudden rain. You don’t have to pretend to be the noble knight, giving her her favorite umbrella, so she doesn’t wet hair. Under this umbrella for the two of you will fit both. The size of the dome of the umbrella — 128 x 88 cm. It has a mechanism that allows to fold it up to size 22 cm Plus there is a special case that allows you to conveniently and safely store your new purchase.

To buy an umbrella for two

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