Cool things that we take for granted

wounds«What we have, do not store, losing her cry» — this truth each of us have learned the hard way. How to learn to appreciate things while they are still with you? What to pay attention and inadvertently happy, what have you got there?


Many dudes believe that music is a matter of course. The art, the mathematical laws of harmony and the skill of the performer hidden behind it sounds — all that remains unnoticed, as if the music is not created by human efforts, but by itself plays with the unknown magic of the chest. And, by the way, this idea is cooler wheels — remove from items pleasant to the ear rhythmic sounds! The music evolves and grows together with mankind. It can be as simple as a simple melody Russian rock are three chords, or as complex as an Opera of Wagner, the whole idea of music is huge!

To be at the top

To be top of the food chain. You don’t even think about it, how cool to go to work and not be afraid to be eaten by some stray Panther. You’re not in constant fear that they may not survive until the end of the day. It’s great!


There are many books, each of which carries a special meaning. What would you never cared, you will always find an appropriate book. You can freely use other people’s knowledge and do not waste your time to once again manually open the truism. Think how it would be difficult if each new generation had to go through the whole civilized way!


The idea of nothing — the complete absence of anything. Cool? Those moments when you do nothing and just sit, staring at nothing and thinking about his.

It’s priceless moments which allow you to look inside yourself — they are nothing to underestimate, especially in the modern world, where every second is tightly glued to his smartphone. We don’t appreciate the idea of nothing. We don’t think.


In our country, where so many large rivers, and few people think about the importance and value of clean, fresh water. Without water a person will not live three days, and I remember how hard it is, when in the summer shut off the cold water?


The opportunity to share ideas, images and whole stories by opening my mouth and uttering with it the different sounds is amazing! And if you look at the process on the reverse side: the ability to perceive these strange sounds and transform them into ideas, images and stories — it also had to guess! It is a miracle. Perhaps even more amazing music. And what about the existence of abstract concepts?

Sensations and feelings

Vision. Hearing. Touch. Taste. The sense of smell. Laughter. The ability to have to people some respect, and all different. Interestingly everything works!

Round-the-clock supermarkets

At any time of the day or night you can go somewhere where it is waiting for you. Ready to eat food, ready to eat food, drinks of all kinds, cigarettes, toothbrushes, condoms, plasters, shampoos — but it is sometimes necessary for us in absolutely the wrong time, and the prehistory of these needs always action-Packed. You know, people work day and night so you could go to the convenience store at three in the morning and buy a «Snickers»?! Feel like a big shot.


Amazing live guys, which are waiting for you to come home from work, Pat them and put the belly to enable them to lie on it. Or throw a stick to bring back to you. Just think — my heart rejoices.

The air

And the fact that he still preserved so that they can breathe. Of course, if it was not, perhaps, the planet and life would not have developed or would develop in another anaerobic form. But, as we consume oxygen and this depends on our life, it would be foolish not to appreciate.

Nice stuff

Tear captivity from the screen of a new phone. Flip the pillow to the cool side. To add a sound when your favourite song. Find interesting old coin. Wake up at three in the morning and realize that you still long to sleep. Parents. A new pair of socks. Kotofey on the belly. Pass a really difficult test. To laugh somebody.


So nice when you did something for someone and thanked them for appreciating your efforts are appreciated. Nice to know that someone did something nice.


Do you walk with an endless supply of information in your pocket. Isn’t it cool?


The opportunity to travel the world and learn about many not like each other and you people. There are so many beautiful places and amazing things you can see! And some but your whole life not to leave his native village.

Free time

Looking at some of people can swear that they have every minute is busy with… something. But sometimes sitting and doing nothing is a much nicer and more productive!

Good weather

Now it the truth underestimate! When it’s warm and Sunny, one way to work could charge you a good mood for the whole day. And many guys are pleased and sincerely wonder why they were so nice on Monday morning. It’s all good weather!

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