Cool things made at home

1. Homemade dialysis machine

homemade dialysis machine

Three times a week, Hu song Ven sits on the little toilet at home, in the village somewhere in Western China, and runs a homemade dialysis machine. Hu suffers from kidney disease. It is made of old medical instruments and kitchen utensils with a homemade dialysis machine, because it could no longer afford the expensive treatment.

He was diagnosed in 1993, when he was still a College student. The kidneys could not cope with their functions and could serve as a natural filter for the body, removing toxins from the blood. Hu was treated on dialysis in the hospital, but after six years it is no longer enough money for it. And then he decided to make the dialysis machine itself and can be treated for free.

The machine is working (what a surprise!) on the same principle as the kidneys. It is made of two branches, between which the membrane (this is the film through which only a few particles). The blood passes through half of the machine, and to the dialysis fluid located in the other half. Hu makes to the dialysis fluid from potassium chloride, salt, sodium bicarbonate and purified water. For the treatment of he puts his hand two pipes and attaches them to the machine for dialysis. The blood goes from his veins in the tubes, is filtered and returns to his body through another tube. With the help of this device, the XY sustains life for 13 years.

2. Homemade prosthetic arm

homemade prosthetic arm

Dude, we’re not saying that we should ignore the advice of the doctor, we just admire mark Lescom, who did not want to accept the fact that he can’t make a prosthetic hand. The Les’ky lost an arm in a car accident five years ago. He said that the limb was amputated too high to her prosthesis.

Then he heard about osseointegration — the branch of medicine that studies the implantation of metal into the bone. Dr. of Melbourne, Austria, refused to carry out the operation, and Les’ky flew to Sweden and went to Benemansky center of osseointegration, where he was fined $ 80,000 for a prosthetic from the shoulder to the wrist.

The Les’ky couldn’t afford and took the matter into their own hands. With the help of his friend, welder and engineer, he did for a prosthesis. He also asked about the help team of the University of Tasmania to make the arm flexible and manageable using a computer.

Example Lesaka teaches us that our parents were right: we can achieve anything we wish. Although in this case it’d be a lot easier if you have your own engineering laboratory.

3. Homemade costume Iron Man

zamorani suit iron man

Fans can do anything to Express your love to your beloved superhero. In the case of Archie Whitehead, a 17-year-old schoolboy Welwyn garden city, twenty miles from London, it is to create stunning, highly realistic costume of Iron Man. The homemade suit is so good that it is impossible to distinguish from the one used in the film.

In January 2013, the Whitehead wanted to make costum Iron Man. He saw that someone in the US made this out of fiberglass, but for man it was impossible: too expensive for a 17 year old guy. However, he learned that someone out there made a costume of a Halo of foam and it is much and much cheaper.

So Whitehead chose the material and downloaded a few 3D files and a few templates from the forums about the costumes. Then he unrolled them and used the sample patterns: according to him, he cut out the parts from foam. He then polished the corners, glued the parts and used small bolts to bend. Then the students cover the foam with acrylic gel, and the costume was brilliant, without losing the flexibility — in addition, it has now become possible to paint, which he did using spray paint. All the details of the costume are made from foam except for the helmet — it just fiberglass — the manufacture of this part are gone most of the time.

In total I’m doing this costume for 4 months. He studied them for a few hours each day. The cost of the costume cost him $ 500, while the suits in Iron Man 3 cost $ 7 billion, and in a previous 1.4 billion.

4. Homemade «rolls-Royce»

homemade rolls Royce

You know how many 24 year old guys who ride on their own Rolls Royce Phantom? Add that to the list of Ruslan Mukanov.

This guy lives in Kazakhstan. He loves Rolls Royce Phantom from the minute I saw it on the picture a few years ago — boy was sitting in the library and saw in a magazine the car of your dreams. Ruslan — a simple Russian guy, of course he was aware that you will not be able to afford a car worth 500 000 green. However, he’s got balls: he has not abandoned his dream and found a way to implement it. Showing himself as a true master of tuning, the young Kazakh managed to transform an old Mercedes in shining Rolls Royce Phantom. He made the case and was able to get the missing parts. If you have the skill and desire, the Rolls Royce Phantom can cost you only 3,000 euros is not cool?

5. Homemade roller coaster

homemade roller coaster

Prices for rides are growing, and they become expensive, which hits the pocket. Fortunately, one dude who loves to have fun, figured out how to solve this problem, and he built a roller coaster.

In Oklahoma, the 10-acre site, Jeremy Reid built an incredible roller coaster — and it’s in the backyard of their parents! It cost the dude $ 10,000. Height — 4 meters, the speed of the carriages — 24 km/h.

6. Homemade jet ski

homemade jet ski

Engine + garden pump = mountain bike. Seen in Thailand.

7. Homemade robot rickshaw

zamorani robot rickshaw

The view of the farmer, which carries the robot rickshaw, forced to surprise anyone. However, neighbors Wu Yu Lu on the outskirts of Beijing have become accustomed. 48-year-old farmer is famous in the world after he constructed in the backyard of 47 robots out of scrap metal. They can perform different actions: jump, draw, drink, massage and, of course, to pull a cart.

This man became interested in an unusual hobby in 1986 and continued to practice them, despite the huge debts that he poured acid batteries, and that this hobby is threatening his marriage. But now MA Lou got the full Monty. He was invited with thirty works at the Shanghai world exhibition 2010, where he showed his creations.

The inventor has received many awards and has entered into several contracts with universities.

8. Homemade limousine of the two Geo Metro

a limo with a geo metro

Have to be a special genius to come up with even just to make limo, consisting of two or more Geo Metro, not to mention his facility. Is that a Scotch? Come on, man, that’s even better!

This machine is a miracle of engineering, for her thesis to write. How to connect the rear brakes? And this silver thing, for insulation to hot coffee? Why, for God’s sake, all you need to do this?

9. A home-made submarine

a home-made submarine

A brilliant Chinese inventor by the name of Tao Chien Lee brought an amazing idea: he built a submarine, using a minimum of resources and spending on this venture incredibly little money. 34-year-old engineer is needed for a couple of years of hard work and a little more than four thousand. His submarine is made of propellers, electric motors, periscope and stuff to control the depth. And the best part of all was that he spent on his idea only $485.

10. Homemade pool table

homemade pool table

If life gives you mud and sticks, you can make… a pool table! Do these bro. The photo was taken in Cameroon.

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