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We write a lot about gifts lately. This is not surprising because the major holidays are already on the doorstep knocking to your house, and unceremoniously tumbled into your apartment, though you’re not ready. Need something to do, because we cannot limit ourselves to trivial ideas. Therefore, we decided to thoroughly consider what every human on the planet, and we came up with that beautiful and comfortable shoes for every day. Human beings are bipedal, so the sneakers he necessary as water and air. But the sneakers the sneakers are different. And the best gym shoes are unique sneakers that are offered and not shops or anything else.

So, we found a cool trade that you can adore the ability to print individual designs on the sneakers. They do printing on all in a row about clothes. Team Prospect Avenue is not just an automated service where you can «insert image» and get a stretched image on the shirt». These guys work differently. You want, say, to depict a frog Pepe on sneakers (!), you choose a cool photo with it and send amphibious dudes with Prospect Avenue. Meanwhile, they take your designer, give him a Scooby-cookies, and he’s working on a sketch for your future sneakers. The result is a pretty unique image created by talented people, not machines. Sneakers Pepe the frog can become the envy of anyone, but it seemed that it was impossible.

And in General, can do without a photo, just whisper in my ear the idea and the plan, and don’t be shy, even if it is very, very strange. For example: «I want you portrayed the turd my dog on sneakers», this information is enough to make guys set to work and created something beautiful and aesthetic, pre-approving the sketch with you.As you understand, in our heads a lot of crazy ideas about design sneakers. These ideas could devour our brain if remained there a little more. So we brazenly showed up to Prospect Avenue, to give the guys his thoughts. Instead of having to throw us out into the cold and put combination locks on the door, they decided to translate our wishes into reality. It was really cool, in the spirit For the convenience of the smashed all the design ideas in the categories of rock-n-roll, kosher soap operas, game and superheroes.





Leonard Cohen

Remember the old priest, he died for our sins, telling a wonderful story about a dark, troubled world in which we live. But Cohen’s song is not the song of suffering, on the contrary, he has a lot of light, though, and paradoxically darkest moments. In General, if you go through the world with Leonard, you won’t miss a single moment.

Johnny Cash

His songs in our hearts, and the album «American IV: The Man Comes Around» memorized not only the words but also in syllables. Very sincere and, most importantly, real songs. Sneakers with him is not vulgar, but a nod to the creativity of the king of country music.

Tom Waits

One of the last living titans of the author’s and loud music, you listen not with the ears but with the heart. Hard times? Listen To Tom Waits. When times are good, prepare for heavy and again listen to Tom waits. Very dear to us Lord, but you know better.

In General, musical themes, we have hundreds of ideas. For example, it would be cool to do something in the spirit of Insane Clown Posse — those evil white clowns we listen when the most evil. Then it would be cool to see at least the face of domestic underground, or bands from the 60s-70s, times the acid of time and the anti-war songs. We are in this sense more than the traditional and loyal, except that the butt of Kim Kardashian to see on the sneakers definitely wouldn’t want. Negotiate with designer, if you think your ideas better — he’ll fill on the sneakers anyone, even Sasha grey (she is also a musician, didn’t know that?).





The Witcher

This game us not forget the best thing that happened to 2016-th year in the gaming industry. We believe that the sneakers with the Witcher can survive separation from the world that wants to forget and learn again. Sapkowski for the universe respect, and the poles respect for the game itself.


Skyrim is everything. Recently got the re-release, what is not a reason to celebrate this holiday sneakers in the spirit and style of the game? And let the re-release is unclear, but the picture was prettier. In General, get out of the closet the forgotten horned helmet, remember the «cries» and go again to save the Northern province of Tamriel.

Hotline Miami

Here we decided to just see what happens to create on this topic among designers Prospect Avenue. We took a lot of the time it is the best beer and good mood. A drug history and many, many, many weapons. The second part is also worth the time spent.

You can also burned out the «old school» and remember such good games like «Mario», «Arcanum» and «Heroes III». And if you like something from space, the Dead Space to help you. You only need that to say the name of the game and the General idea, and good people will do everything.





Game of thrones

Can’t do without this series — it has become part of our life, Martin had tried, and the filmmakers have made a mistake. Sea of sex, violence and truth. The world of «Game of thrones» is a reflection of our world, only with dragons. Perhaps that is why he became so popular.

South Park

This animated insanity not losing ground. Besides, this year the creation of Matt stone and Trey Parker were particularly good, although forecasters of them so — so- had to re-remake series on the election results. But Mr. Harrison could not get out from the deadline, it will have to be on your Shoe. Make road great again!

The Vikings

The «Vikings» series collects various reviews, but, somehow, the creators managed to attract huge attention to the era when men were men, not anyone else. In this wild time we would have to rely only on himself and his wife.

Treachery could be lurking around every corner, and the bravery and honor were valued above gold, even pirates.

And there are more «Star trek», «Friends» and our favorite sitcom — «it’s always Sunny In Philadelphia». Great scope for the imagination, but you need to keep in mind that some shows that own unique character, will go better. For example, we think that «ash vs. evil dead» is a gold mine for images.






In DC hard times, but Batman is not to blame. He as before is one of our favorite characters. He has no superpowers, except that the power of the bottomless purse, but Batman is more close to us — he’s a man. And, of course, the world of Gotham city deserves special encouragement. Dystopia of metropolis.


We’ll say a seditious thing we liked the movie slightly. Yes, it is a confession worthy to be etched in the historical annals. But we’re probably one of those few people who remember Deadpool very young when he was just starting out in the pages of Marvel comics. His first appearance is 1991. And we want to tell you that Deadpool was, is and will be the most inappropriate (in the best sense of the word) character in the Marvel universe. We like his dirty jokes, black humor and irony over all that happens.


Favorite character by our editorial staff and anyone who knows of Alan Moore creations. In fact, «Guardians» by Alan Moore wrote back then when I worked in DC. Rorschach is a psychopath, which can hardly be called a superhero. He no peculiarities, except a strange mask and terrifyingly increasing paranoia. But, hell, this is one of the most unique and interesting characters in the world of comics. In the film, he also presented adequately, so it is recommended to watch a movie with him and wearing sneakers with his face.

Alan Moore, all full of wonderful characters who evoke the contradictory feelings. For example, the comic «V for vendetta». A great story, which became the starting point of insanity on most of these guy Fawkes masks. If you forget Alan, you may recall the main character of the comic «Transmetropolitan» — Spider Jerusalem would look great on sneakers. However, you understand that Prospect Avenue has the ability to surprise, so don’t worry that you’ll make a boring picture — this will not happen.




But in General we have one common idea. You should get it tattooed on sneakers the most important word in your life, when you read our magazine. Kick the word «». Can you think of trump the backdrop for this acquisition. Can order not just and with a dog or a dinosaur or octopus (we say that like our editorial Board), or cartridges from rifles Mosina. Can enjoy not only shoes, but also on hoodies, switchoff and t-shirts — nothing is impossible. If you take something to yourself or your friends, girlfriends or family, use the promo code manygoodtips.comthat gave us Prospect Avenue, and you’ll get:

— free custom design on any thing;

— a t-shirt as a gift (when ordering for a custom design sneakers);

— 30% discount for any low and high sneakers (to specific dimensions, clarify their managers);

— 20% on all sweatshirts.

Watch for updates on the website — the guys kick off Christmas sale with various offers, discounts and bonuses.

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