Cool recipe for you, friend — pork in beer

Hello, friend. I was thinking what would you recommend today, and then went to the kitchen to cook one of his favorite dishes and it dawned on me — I’ll tell you how to cook it. Well, my opinion of him can share in comments, and ask questions if they you have. This recipe I found in one cookbook from the 15th century, I love to dig for such literature, because there are so many cool ways of cooking meat.

So, I suggest you cook pork in beer. You will need:

  • pork — 500 grams (do not have to take a clipping or neck, go and pieces of fat);
  • two large onions (in the cooking process it will decrease significantly in volume, so don’t worry, the onions more than the meat will not work:) );
  • ginger root (it will need to be added to taste, so take a piece of 200 grams, it will last a long time and you need it for cooking other dishes, the recipes of which I will sometimes tell);
  • beer — 0.5 l (unfiltered is best suited. I cook using Hoogarden);
  • black pepper.

Everything needed is bought and waiting for you in the kitchen? Then proceed. To begin with put on a slow fire in a deep pan, and ideally a pot or any dishes with thick walls and add vegetable oil (if the dishes had just been washed, the oil is added after the bottom will evaporate all the water, and then to arrange the kitchen Holacost zakolebalsya and then to wash the oil from the homemade clothes and the floor and walls). While the oil heats slice the onion into half rings and pork in small cubes (is 3ґ3ґ3 cell cm). After that, start layering in the pan the onion and lightly fry it.

Once the onions begin to acquire the characteristic Golden hue — sleep pork and fry for another couple of minutes on medium heat. Salt the whole thing (salt, and other spices, add to taste) and fill with beer. It can start to foam at first, but very quickly it would happen. Add pepper (I put about 20 drops to this amount of meat) and ginger (it must be pre-washed, cleaned and cut into rings with a thickness of a few millimeters). Ginger in the beginning let down about 5-7 pieces. After five minutes, taste the broth and the meat on the spices, if not enough, add another. Personally, I love spicy, so add a lot of ginger.

The dish is ready when the meat becomes tender and juicy, and bathed in taste and color starts rich soup. As a side dish is perfect with boiled potatoes, lentils and beans. Bon appetit, friend).


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