Cool protective film for gadgets

Become more and more important variety of accessories for your favorite gadgets. Dude, but we all know that the most important thing is to protect your faithful assistant. You probably already outfitted your smartphone or tablet newfangled anti-shock case. And you took care of the safety of the screen? You saw a bunch of pictures with broken Windows iPhones, it’s the most vulnerable part of your gadget.

The most effective and virtually invisible protection for your phone or tablet is a special film. But these types of films, there are many. We found for you the most relevant: universal, superprozrachnye, anti-reflective and another unique look — tempered glass.

1.Superprozrachnye film for Samsung Galaxy S4


Don’t worry about what the tape will prevent you to see the updates in the VC, especially for this is superprozrachnye film sClear DF-01. It will protect the screen of your gadget from scratches and abrasions. After you install this magical film screen smartphone will be held securely and will not lose its properties. This film retains the color, does not reduce the touchscreen sensitivity. Well, what else do you need for happiness. Film made of thermoplastic material and its thickness is 0.125 mm, so you won’t even notice.

2.Anti-glare film for iPhone 5/5C/5S


For Apple as always there is the largest selection of accessories and protection, respectively. You can afford to buy any film including anti-glare. When using DF iBlick-02 this film is fingerprint-resistant. Of course it is fully compatible with the device and has all the necessary cutouts and holes. Is this film only 150 rubles.

3.Shockproof film for iPad Air


If you in the first place is directly the protection of the gadget, if you have the hands of assholes and you always drop your tablet, the shockproof film DF iShield-05 made for you. This cool film is able to protect the display tablet from scratches and scuffs, but even from a strong blow. No special skills the film is easily glued to the surface leaving no air bubbles. Complete with film you get 2 wipes and squeegee.

4.Tempered glass for Sony Xperia Z2


If you’re not getting enough protect the usual film, then try DF xSteel-01. This film is made of specially processed glass increased strength. After installation, oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints on your smartphone and preserve the sensitivity of the sensor gadget. Tempered glass will protect the screen of your mobile phone from scratches, damage, moisture and shock. And all for just 799 rubles.

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