Cool piggy banks for real bro

Yeah, dude, the word «cool» is somehow not really fit in with the word «piggy». They are usually made in the shape of some pigs or some other animal – that’s not very cool. Anyway, how cool to have a piggy Bank? Of course, collects a decent amount not work, but it is, in principle, an interesting thing to watch as it filled, and then empty it and get a lot of coins, which in a rush to pay the fare or, for example, in the manner fun, you can go to the supermarket and to pay for all the check for its collection of cents. Anyway, it’s nice to have a cool device, even if almost meaningless. We present you a collection of cool piggy banks: these egg capsules are you have not seen!

1. Piggy-face

A terrible thing, friend! When you drop a coin into it, it makes a terrible sound, similar to the one you are working with the chainsaw. You can see how this mask without a body (Ah, man!) devours your coin and swallows it. Where she gets farther away, you probably won’t want to know.

2. Piggy Bank is the slot machine

You anyway ever been in the gaming salon, man, and you know what slot machines must be fed with coins. But this is a very annoying thing: the coins then you will not return. And here is much nicer: every penny that you put into the machine, are yours to keep, and in this way they can collect.

3. Piggy-Kote

If ordinary clay pig not motivate you to feed it with coins, perhaps it may make the cat. The full name of entertaining – Itazura Kitty Cat Coin Bank. As you can see from the video, the coin you pay the sweetest sight: a cat POPs out of the box, and rakes the money in his lair. High?

4. Piggy Bank-ATM

Hitechnic version of the piggy Bank that will delight any child of the XXI century. If you threw a coin in the piggy Bank, you can get it only with the card that comes with devising. All grown-up: you even have to enter a personal pin code. Don’t know, man, what happens if you lose the card or forget the pin. Perhaps in this case you will save only a hammer.

5. Piggy-bomb


The detonation of the bomb (read: a bunch of coins strewn across your apartment), you can avoid the only way: constantly putting money into it. Otherwise not to avoid PE! A great way to motivate you, isn’t it? Especially if you’re the pedantic type. The main thing – not to bring that thing to the airport.

6. Bottle counter


Virtually hand-made option: bottle, equipped with a meter for coins, which keeps strict accounting is omitted in the Treasury of cash. Interesting, right? You can observe how increasing your budget. Although there are some disadvantages: there is no surprise when you decide to gut a pod, will not.

7. Piggy-chance


If you like to tempt fate, you can do this even with the help of a piggy! At least the one we show you. The trick is that it consists of two branches: more «save» (save) and less to «spend» (spend). When you toss a coin, it lands on the moving platform, which tilts under the weight of the coin in one direction or another – and the fate of your cash. The box is smaller you can give whenever you want. It is not know what you buy for such wealth – maybe a lot of gum?

8. The piggy lamp


As you already understood from the title, this piggy Bank and a lamp at the same time. When you drop a coin into it, it lights up. Good for those who love to read before bedtime – well, those who love lamps. Much crazier would look another thing: the lamp, which is turned on only when you drop a coin in it.

9. Piggy Bank alarm clock


And this little guy just works on the principle that we mentioned in the previous paragraph. You have to feed it coins, so he was not involved, and that he finally shut up. Good thinking, friend! You not only Wake up, but definitely won’t be able to collect.

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