Cool gun for the harsh bro — Airsoft K M60VN machine gun

Cool gun for the harsh bro — Airsoft K M60VN machine gun. Think, man, have you seen this handsome man in dozens of movies and you have a great opportunity to purchase an exact copy, the only difference is that it shoots the 7.62 rounds and plastic bullets. But the drawback is the advantage, you can go outside during the party and to arrange your Vietnam shooting bottles (rate of fire 350 rounds per minute).

The present prototype model of the M60:

M60 (the official designation — Machine gun, 7.62 mm, M60) is an American single machine gun, developed in the post-war years and adopted by the Army and marine Corps in 1957. For the shortcomings of the design and appearance was nicknamed «Pig» (the Pig).

Despite the fact that since the 1980-ies began the process of ousting the M60 more advanced machine guns such as the M240 Belgian design, this weapon is still produced and is widely used, though primarily on «the sidelines».

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