Cool game with bad graphics

Gaming technology is evolving, the graphics component becomes close to our reality. But for many people, maybe you among them, all something. After the first hour of the game you suddenly think the next new shooter incredibly boring, despite all the superficial dignity. All have been coasting on it and not cease to follow it. Improved wrapper – content is usually only covered with mold spores. Out of this sadness a few. One of them – to it play what is, or look more carefully; another option is to play the old, favorite you games of childhood, to drive Bulders Gate for the tenth time and say that you look old, but there is a third variant – to hammer on all, download game which weighs 50-100 MB and carbon monoxide to spend time in the 8bit world 8bit soundtrack, or to take something two-dimensional and ugly outside, but cool inside. So, maybe you’ll run for hundreds of hours, but it certainly can amuse you in your free time.

You don’t care about what the face of the hero looks like a square, or the plot of the game wrote some crazy developer. But, hell, what a pleasure to play something that seems so primitive, and how cool! Games with outdated graphics once again gaining hundreds of hours of wasted time. Maybe because they are created to entertain.

So, dude, if you want to know the crazy, stylized «8-bit» come on we’ll show you a few games of recent years that’ll go great under anything and at any time.

Hotline Miami

Hold.kom.ua_1.06.2015_9MAnD3zBo2NstMarch 10 the sequel of the cult «Hotline Miami» is a real, primitive thrash inspired by the aesthetic of the 80s of the twentieth century. The game immediately relished the many tired of the modern game industry dudes. In a game called «Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number» there and intolerable cruelty, seasoned with black humor, a cool soundtrack that perfectly would be a separate download and listen time.

Bloodbath Kavkaz

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2015_SpRzb5MaxFDanImmerse yourself in the atmosphere of Moscow at night and intense gunfights. Exciting plot and stale Shawarma – that’s what awaits you in Bloodbath Kavkaz.There is the original Russian equivalent of «Hot Line Miami», which was released later and is named «Bloodbath Kavkaz». He became popular among the Russian audience in particular because completely stuffed gipertrofirovannyy Russian reality. You will definitely stumble on infuriating a bunch of you Internet celebrities that stand in the way of your character – a former assassin and lover of «Eiki» Shamil Rakhmanova. A good opportunity to deal with them is to play this game. The funny thing is that some of the bloggers that marred the game in General speak about it negatively when reviews among a General audience is extremely positive.

Of course, domestic game-Dave is not perfect, and therefore prepare for possible bugs. And don’t think you poured a deep story with deep meaning, this game does not need.

Cthulhu Saves the World

Poradi.s.ua_1.06.2015_LUxO7YjLUyFYnA cool game where you have to take on the role of a terrible and abominable submarine God Cthulhu, sculpted by the genius of the writer HP Lovecraft. You should restore the power of the deity selected by the wizard, but it will have to save the world. Cthulhu is in a difficult situation, so as to fulfill his mission to destroy the world, he has to act in a completely opposite way. To help you in this epic soundtrack and a lot of strange companions.

RIOT – Civil Unrest

manygoodtips.com_1.06.2015_jsKzEBcaWU5iiIf you’ve always wanted to take part in public disorder or to refresh the memories of your wild youth, you will like this game. You have to be on one side of the conflict: you can be a COP, and it can be a dunce with a Molotov cocktail. Of course this is a game that is worth waiting for summer. She may not be a hit, or rather, they just will not, but delight 8-bit community will definitely deserve.

Usually these games are the products of very small game studios and, of course, can be limited in their PR resources. So it is quite likely that somewhere waiting for another hell 8-bit thing, which will have to taste you, man.

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