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Everyone knows Wolverine is the most famous hero the comic book series X-men created by Stan dude. Wolverine is cool, even if it is in a ridiculous yellow suit with black «ears». And who would not want to buy for personal use his superpower — swords out of your hands?

In my relative youth I had the pleasure of hanging out with roleplayers and reenactors. Despite the fact that I am with them already almost do not communicate, I realized that the weapons made in the forges or in the factory — still a very cool thing. Much cooler than sticks, wind tape of tremors, which I see in the Park next to the house.

But no sword or armor handmade these dudes even close to compares to what you do dude from the group Men at Arms. This is an American group of blacksmiths, gunsmiths, and artists, who made weapons and armor for the most famous sci-Fi and historical movies and TV series. In short, the cool and bearded bro of them made armor and weapons for 2000 movies, mostly fantastic. The man spent in this profession for 30 years. And no regrets. By the way, they forge makes all weapons and armor for «Game of thrones». Of course, they are made of iron, rather than, say, Duran.

In this video guys make real blades of Wolverine, which REALLY cut everything! We recommend you to watch other videos — the degree of coolness and bro-snasti rolls. And I want to go out and kill a moose (for some reason I want that is a moose).

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