Cool drinking apps for smartphones

cell phone in handFor many thousands of years people somehow managed to just drink alcohol without any newfangled high-tech devices that could help them diversify, to speed up or slow down the process of transition from sober to drunk. And, to be honest, without them, a person will cope with the task even today.

It’s all true, as true that there are ways by which technology can make the drinks easier or more fun — or do both at once. For example, the use of mobile applications.

Today we offer you a Baker’s dozen alcoholic applications for your smartphone. They are not perfect. Moreover, if you use at least a few of them, at the end of the night, you may find that you wasted much, much stronger than originally planned. However, these programs, if you use them wisely and sparingly, will help you to spend a few pleasant evenings. So look, man, what we have here.

1. Bartender (for Android)


What good is the app? The mass of the manifold recipes of cocktails and ease of use. The interface is simple, you can search for recipes by ingredients and labeling their favorites. The app is free — nice one, too.

What is bad? The recipes are created by users, which means that you can find there and outright stupidity. So if you don’t have the slightest idea about what needs to be part of a cocktail, this proposal can lead you nowhere.

2. BeerUniverse (iOS)


Want to discover new types of beer or learn something about beer that has already tried? Then this app is for you. This is the full catalog of Beers, which includes approximately 5,000 different varieties is a good start. Plus there you can view information about the aroma, taste and even appearance that you’re interested in beer. And if you razotkrovennichalsya and tell the app that you like beer, it will find you like variety in your directory — they can also you’d like it.

As I said, nothing is perfect, here too there is a catch: the app is worth the dollar. The whole thirty, one!

3. Happy Hours (iOS)

Happy Hours

Think, where to go to have fun or eat out? This app will help you. It figures out your current location and inform you about all the nearby establishments. It’s free, there are versions for different smartphones including Blackberry. However, not all cities, but I think the guys are working on expanding the geography.

4. Formula Bartender Training (for Android)

Formula Bartender Training

There are many apps with smoothie recipes, but not all of them will really teach you to mix drinks. And this program will teach. In addition to recipes it contains information about the technology of mixing and even videos to help you mix the right cocktail. Another strange thing: it doesn’t cost a penny.

5. NHS Drink Tracker (iOS)

NGS Petey tracker

It is an application that helps you keep track of how much you drink. Personally, I have little idea about how to use it. If I’m already drunk enough to forget how many drinks I had, I certainly would not have brains enough to get into the phone and put it on the list next drink or to cope, I’ve had enough to drink or can drink. But maybe you differ from me. Perhaps, here you are a responsible type. If so, then this free app is able to render you service.

6. Blood Alcohol Calculator (for Android)

Calculator Blood Alcohol

Means «alcohol calculator blood» — counts your drunk. The equivalent of the previous program for Android. Less nice interface, but if you want to calculate how much you drank, and you have some Samsung or Motorola, I will go and that sort of thing.

7. BrewGene (for iOS)


Almost like BrewUniverse directory and beer recommendations based on your taste. And there’s a map of places where you these Beers I can drink. Anything you will not do. I checked on the Russian sites you can download it, but what’s up with Russian cities, frankly, I don’t know.

8. Drink Owl (for Android)

Drink Owl

This app like Happy Hours, design is easier and more pleasant, and it integrates better into the map that you have on the phone. Plus if you’d prefer comfortable and slowly drink at home, this app will lead you to the nearest liquor store and still misleading its hours of operation.

9. Wine Enthusiast Guide (iOS)

Guide Wine Enthusiast

Are you a wine connoisseur? You also have the app. It contains ratings and reviews of thousands of wines, so you would always be able to choose for themselves something suitable.

Alas, for this pleasure will have to pay — a whopping 4 bucks.

10. Liquor Run Mobile (for Android)

Liquor Run Mobile

This app will tell you where you can buy booze, but it does not contain any information about bars and other establishments. Yes, there are chips like the popular Beers and several cocktail recipes — but it’s not what you know. Not an option just Google? I would have done so.

11. Cocktail Hero (for Android)

cocktail hero

This is the best app cocktail recipes for Android. Not only is there a lot of quality and true recipes — the program is very affordable price (it is not worth a dime). There’s a cool function: you can enter in a search the ingredients that you already have and the app will think that they are mixed. It’s brilliant.

12. Mixologist (iOS)


Previous app — the best directory of recipes for alcoholic cocktails for Android, for iOS. It’s worth a dollar, but what design! The recipe of any cocktail will be in your pocket! And so, the same interesting feature with search by available ingredients.

13. iWhiskey (iOS)


Let’s start with the most impressive moment — the price: the app costs 11 bucks! However, if you love whiskey, then for you it is funny money. The app not only contains a detailed catalog of diverse whiskies that can be sorted by name, price, type, taste and aroma. Yet he has as many as 600 of the reviews from the largest specialist in this area — Floor Pacalta. You will forget about the ridiculous whiskey and coke. Google in Runet — it seems that in Russian there. But the XXI century, man — do you not understand English?

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