Cool additions to your bike

Spring is approaching — time to open his iron horse, who faithfully stood in the stall all winter. The bike almost like a person or a pet, it also needs to please and care for him. We found a bunch of ways to upgrade your two-wheeled friend.

Holder for Ulock


Uncomfortable to wear ulok… Yes, actually, at least somewhere. Creative designers have come up with a solution.

The LEDs for the wheels


Looks disco, but in fact, this thing carries a deep meaning: now in the dark you will not notice.

Glowing great


It costs 399 bucks, almost 400, if you want to search for and order, the right query — Glow Series Bike. Perfect dudes that ride a lot at night or late in the evening. So you will be seen better than when you use ordinary flashlight at the rear.

Nedelnik for shoes


You bought special shoes for Cycling? I do not have too: expensive, and don’t see the need. An interesting alternative is to turn old shoes or sneakers are suitable for skating shoes.

Gloves with lights


It’s incredibly cool. The idea is futuristic and at the same time simple.

Wooden handlebar and helmet



Oldskool is yours? Then you’ll love the wooden wheel. Any big ones look more noble. Helmet is also an interesting option. It also had to guess from this tree!

Shelf holder for bike


Comfortable and stylish thing which will not spoil your interior. Not only that, she looks simply and elegantly — it is also compact! The regiment itself goes up and down, without taking too much space when the bike is in.

Holder for six bottles


If you do not ride alone and with friends, along the way you can visit the bright idea to have some beer. No question! You have a holder, which includes six bottles. Nice moment: as they are much less stirred up, than if you put them in a backpack.

A pot of flowers


Also known as Bike Planter is a small plastic device, printed on a 3D printer, and complemented with fixing-gum. You could put the branches of any tree or Bush and you can donate it to a friend if she, too, rides. Another gift for a friend in the same style vase for the flower, which attaches directly to the wheel.


Holder for wine bottle


Drink and drive — not for us. But if you just need to carry a bottle of wine… How often do you ever need to carry on a Bicycle a bottle of wine?

Holder for iPhone


For dudes who love to travel to unexplored corners of their city. In the holder to insert the iPhone 5 and configure GPS. Don’t even need to go into your pocket!

Trolley Luggage


Now you can carry a whole suitcase! Don’t know who might need it, but the idea is interesting. Maybe those who carries a lot of things?

Folding helmet


For safe dudes and girlfriends. Off the helmet — put — put it in the backpack and went.

The picnic table


While this is only a concept, but looks very comfortable: bring a small design, display and unable to drink tea from a Cup sitting on a chair, like a sir.

Handlebar bag


For dudes who always need something. When I try to go to pull the phone out of the backpack without removing it, it looks funny. If I had this bag — the problems would not know.



Waterproof, covered by a layer of rubber, and its size was adjusted exactly to a tee to fit in the bottle holder. Now you can ride while listening to music: headphones for the cyclist is a dangerous idea. Don’t forget to attach to second holder for water or put it in her backpack.



As mentioned in a Soviet film: «flick of the wrist the seat turns… turns… in the elegant pump!» Super useful thing.



Until then walked progress! On the move you generate energy that can be used for good purposes. The device clings to a large, and as soon as you accelerated to a speed of three miles per hour (about 4.8 km/h), it starts to accumulate energy. To charge by this miracle of technology can be any device that is charged via USB.

Portable Toolkit




Small, functional, nothing to lose — the choice of a handy man.

Road opener


So, we have said that drinking on the road is dangerous. But sometimes lemonade in glass bottles, isn’t it? As a person who never have enough openers to confirm the usefulness of the device.

Tent trailer


Human ingenuity delights! Who came up with the idea of a tent-trailer? This is incredibly cool: you can go and take for themselves your home as if you’re a snail. Really going will be hard.

Holder for canister


I’m tired of writing about drinking on the road. But this device is so cool, isn’t it?

Book-the bike shelf

Double-functional item is especially valued in the economy. For those who are manic saves space and trying to use things with maximum benefit.



«Wear a moustache» — bequeathed to us by someone out there with the TV. Seriously, who says big can’t be mustachioed?

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