Cool accessories for a superhero

manygoodtips.com_1.10.2014_1g0PpObzf50nRFinally, Russia plunged into the world of comics. Our compatriots already go to Comic-Con. By the way, in our country also decided to do something similar, just not the fact that the organizers make it to the level of the original festival.

Now we’re not talking about all the representatives of the legendary pop-culture, we will focus only on one of them. Yes, it’s Batman. Just do not say that all this is for kids, you’re all in the soul — the same child. And certainly at least once wanted to save their town from various villains non-existent. Enough foreplay, see, you already stream and want to continue. Let’s see, what’s missing in your wardrobe and life. Wearing these things, you’re a little closer to the mysterious Batman and know a couple of secrets.

1. Folding knife

Very cool and impressive opener. Folded it is a well-known character Batman. The knife has two blades and buttons that block the tip. This «weapon» has a special attachment for a belt. So you can easily hurt the thing itself on the belt.

2. Buckle


A little bit about the straps. You don’t have enough original buckle for leather strap. Maybe it’s time for you to acquire for its collection of unusual plaques? Will turn into the same womanizer, as Howard. The size of this fun accessory 10×5 cm

3. Separately



In your purse is always a mess? It is time to collect all valuable papers in one place and cover them with bat wings for greater fidelity. The scope of «wings» of this reliable kourtaliotis — 10 see This is enough to protect your precious salary.

4. Shelf for books


Is your Desk littered with exclusive comics and prints of articles from our magazine? It’s time to clean up this mess! Batman loves order and consistency. Offer to place the securities on a unique bookshelf that will surely become a highlight in the interior of your apartment and hide is already dried dead mosquitoes you killed this summer.

If you are a cool rider

Still bought the bike and decided to join the legendary Hell’s Angels? Then you here! We found for you a couple of things which will fill up your inventory.

5. Helmet


The most important protection. But you don’t have to be a boring gray helmet. You look very epic in the helmet of the dark knight. Can buy and throw on the shoulders of a black cloak, then the residents will not leave you without attention.

6. Logo


You can place the Batman symbol on the stop light of the bike — it will give more mystery to your image. Everyone will turn around and look in your direction when you push on the brake.

7. Backpack


Indispensable for travel in the city. Why buy an ordinary briefcase in the store when you can buy a cool backpack the dark knight? Comfortable and reliable backpack with a volume of two liters. To travel on a bike that is enough.

Maybe you’re not a resident of Gotham city, but your city still needs a hero, and that you can be. Think about it.

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