Cook like a man: hearty sandwiches for Breakfast

Dude, how are you? Keep in shape? Gained extra? Or Vice versa, shugol? Do not forget about vitamins? In General, we need you in sober mind and a healthy body. And well-fed. If your friend is the perfect Breakfast – low fat yoghurt or a cereal, then you need fats, proteins and carbohydrates in considerable quantity. So, as the saying goes: «eat Breakfast myself.» And if you make it yourself, it will be twice as delicious (maybe not the first time, but worth a try). To start the day delicious and fun, recommends that you adopt a few recipes that abroad called «sandwich». For us, the ordinary Russian guys, it’s a sandwich. With minimum skills and maximum the enthusiastic gourmet. Let’s do this!

1. Classic sandwich


Why classical? The ingredients for this dish you will easily find in the fridge, even if you have not had time to Wake up and realize what year. So, for cooking you will need:

– bacon, couple of slices;

– eggs-4 pieces;

cheese, 2 slices;

– lettuce;

– bread (loaf of bread for a Burger).


1. Fry bacon and eggs on a slow fire. Make sure the yolk is not flowed.

2. Put on a bun lettuce, and top with prepared bacon and eggs.

3. Cover cheese.

4. Add sauce and spices to taste.

5. Cover all the second half rolls.

6. Optional a little warm in the microwave.

2. Sandwich with tofu»

A real giant for fans and more. Flick of the wrist you can turn this sandwich into something similar to Mexican food – just add corn, pepper, hot sauce. But the original recipe is enough:

– eggs-4 pieces;

– tofu cheese, 200-300 g;

– tomato, 1 piece.

– loaf.


1. Fry bacon and eggs on a slow fire. This time can be chaotic to mix it up.

2. Cut the loaf in half, fill in what happened to in paragraph 1.

3. Add «tofu», sliced tomato.

4. Add herbs, seasonings and sauce to taste.

3. Vegetarian sandwich


For lovers of a healthy lifestyle, healthy food and other delights, too, have a rich and pleasant Breakfast. Even if you don’t mind eating meat, you can eat delicious vegetarian sandwich. What, suddenly like that? In any case, to make it easy. You will need:

– bread, 4 slices;

– eggs-4 pieces;

– avocado;

– eggplant;

– potatoes, 4 slices;

– tomatoes, 2 pieces;

sauce «Siracha».


1. Fry eggs on low heat to «mash».

2. Separately fry the slices of potatoes and eggplant.

3. Fry the bread using the toaster.

4. Put the bread sauce, on top put sliced tomatoes, baked potato, mash that avocados.

5. Add pepper to taste.

4. Waffle sandwich with chicken


A little bit exotic. If it so happened that the house has no fresh bread, and you really want to indulge in a sandwich, waffles is a great alternative. And let you need a bit more time to prepare, the result will pleasantly surprise you. Here are the ingredients:

soft waffles, 2 pieces;

– chicken burgers, 2 pieces;

– cabbage, 300 g.;

– carrot, 1 piece.

– mayonnaise, 200 g


1. Fry the meatballs.

2. Mix cabbage, carrots and mayonnaise.

3. Lay out cutlets and salad to waffles.

4. Add sauce to taste.

5. Fruit sandwich


And finally the recipe for dessert lovers. Perfect for a Sunday morning, when there is no hurry and you want to treat yourself and/or friend with something sweet. Yes, we are still talking about the food. So, you need to:

– bread, 4 slices;

– coconut;

– peanut butter, 3 tbsp;

– maple syrup, 1 tbsp;

– sliced strawberries;

– the banana;

– raisins, 2 tbsp;

– Chia seeds, 2 tsp;


1. Fry the coconut on a slow fire.

2. Stir together peanut butter and maple syrup.

3. Fry the bread, RUB with a mixture of paragraph 2.

4. Put the strawberries, then add bananas.

5. Add raisins, Chia seeds and toasted coconut.

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