Consumers of our money we spend on it too much

manygoodtips.com_20.03.2014_xVmlZbJIG18tGIf you are young, if you’re not burdened with serious relationship, and my life path at an easy gait of a recent student, you certainly have more or less serious work that brings you any kind of money. In any case, it gives you the opportunity to do a bit yourself, to pamper yourself and to find some kind of outlet. When you have the money from the first permanent earnings, it can rip the roof. Of course, then you calm down and think, where did your money, which seemed to be not so little. The money seemed unable to provide you a month of a normal existence, leaked through my fingers, like sand, leaving no pleasure and even track. Where do they go? In my experience, we spend too much on a very specific and repetitive things. It is not that we don’t have to spend money on them, why not, at the end of it all. The fact is that in most cases do not think about the costs. Or of these things seem unworthy to them to save, or we don’t think they’re going to hit our budget. There is another view: for us, these things, the same outlet that we think is worth any money, because we deserved simple as that. Once we had an article which you could find out what it means to have enough money. All the feature articles that you could learn not only to earn enough, but also to control their resources.

Many people live from paycheck to paycheck. Blame condoning their weaknesses and unnecessary expenses. These things we spend too much money, man, too much!

1. Coffee to go

And posidelki in a cafe with the girls and without. Once a week is not expensive, especially when you don’t get sweets thousands, but to take on a daily basis and some latte — this is really expensive. And in fact, many so live, not only girls. Had seen in American movies dudes walking around with big cups of coffee, talking and drinking. It is convenient. But if you think about how much money we spend on coffee to go, it becomes a bit uncomfortable. I don’t mean the notorious principle of latte, I’m talking about the need to control consumption of expensive coffee. Try to drink it every day, let it be a way to pamper yourself for example, Monday and Friday. Monday pick-me-up, and on Friday to reward yourself for your efforts. If the normal delicious coffee was not so openly costly (140-200 rubles for 0.2-0.3 l is not normal), could shamelessly pamper yourself. But students, workers coffee to go, too, need to eat.

2. Bars

On St. Patrick’s day I suddenly realized that people spend a lot of money openly to enjoy with friends. Even during my University years I used to think that getting drunk in bars is not only economically disadvantageous, but also somehow unworthy. Then you need to transport, you can pull on a stranger, and then you Wake up with a black eye. Drinking the apartments have a big advantage — at least you know where you will Wake up. At least approximately. A bottle of good beer cost in bars in the best case, twice as expensive than in the store. It’s a really fucking expensive! And yet, and honey appetizer, and the temptation to increase the degree and send the lady a whiskey and coke at his own expense. On St. Patrick’s Day my wife and I spent a little more than 1000 rubles, and three of our comrades — about 4000. I forgot that you can’t spend so much money on a simple time! And in fact, many are doing so — often, several times a month or even once a week! If you stick to home get-togethers, you can save well. Is to drink less, and not as an alcoholic in the first stage of alcoholism, it becomes even easier.

3. Trekking on shopping centers

Someone wondered how much we spend on shopping at the Mall? And like we men, but still come out with multiple bags. After shopping, as a rule, I would like to eat expensive calories, eating at food courts, at least 600 rubles. The main problem with Hiking in the malls that we make spontaneous purchases. Went for sneakers, bought jeans, shirts, socks. Clothes around a lot, everything colorful, everything is as I want to try on and buy. And dammit, she’s coming! As you can see, not only women tend to buy clothes. Clothes make us look better, and it should be that if someone did not say, each one of us. In order to reduce the impact on the budget for trips to the Mall, buy only what you need. You need jeans? Whether they need? Go for jeans. Need shoes? Exactly? Go for sneakers. It is advisable to choose several shops and not to go into the unknown and incomprehensible.

4. Taxi

If late, take a taxi. Expensive? I have a discount. Actually still turns a lot. Many guys take cabs not only the needs, but also because they are late. For me to take a taxi to work — the same as taking a taxi to the bakery. We take a taxi, when we have problems with delay, and consequently, with time control. When we properly manage our time, everything becomes easier.

The second thing is to take a taxi when you’re late with your friends so that they ceased to go by public transport. The most obvious advice is not to linger or stay the night at his comrades. Of course, everyone wants to meet my friends, I am no exception. But you should always remember about the expenses and about the need to get up tomorrow morning for work. If guys are working, they need to understand, enter the position. In any company there is the person who goes first, and everyone was already used to it. Things have dude!

5. Food

We really spend a lot on food. The first source of high costs, it is not strange, it’s an office snack. Muffins, doughnuts, nuts, cakes — they are not as satisfy your hunger much give us the opportunity to escape from the working routine. In addition, they force us to spend a lot, snacks are well calories. I have this to say that sometimes we have no idea why you fat, but don’t believe cupcakes and nuts.

The second source food at lunchtime. If there is a dining room, everything is fine there or cheap or free. If you work near the cafe, it is more logical to go eat there. If you wish, you can always find cheaper and healthier ways to snack. Every day to eat in McDuck bad, very bad. A friend of mine has always been thin, as I remember it, all three years. After he began working at the center McDuck, stayed skinny, but with a tummy that stands out.

Another problem is the food is not home. After work, I often want to eat, to go home for a long time, but if you work near the Mall, I want to go to the food court and grab a bite. It’s all hard on our budget.

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