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You slowly move forward in life, and sometimes you just can’t stand I want to goof off. You decide that the work is very heavy, so, you deserve some rest. You are wasting your life sitting in front of a computer, so why should you turn into a lifeless sack of potatoes when the day is coming to an end?

So, life has already begun. Rehearsals will be no more. You will make endless mistakes, but first we need to adjust and customize life to finally feel at ease. We will tell you how.

Read before bed

We also like «family Guy» and «Game of thrones», we are not hypocrites. Some still use them as a lullaby and so fall asleep with the TV on. But… it’s unhealthy. Brain cells enough strain for the day, while we stare in Excel and fantasize, as the boss will fall down the stairs. Better take a book and spend time before going to sleep on it. You’ll fall asleep faster and your sleep will be better.

Learn how to cook

There are people who do not eat at home. At all. It’s OK to dine and dine somewhere in the city with friends or with a girl, but when they’re not around, you can eat at home. It’s not normal to buy only ready made meals in the deli sections of the supermarket. If you’re over 20, you know how to work kitchen appliances, and you can find on the Internet for suitable recipes. Pots and pans are your friends, not enemies. You can even more than to cook pasta. You can bake it in the oven and cook for a couple. Jokes from the category of «I eat once a day, and then some garbage, still not dead» ceased to be funny. Now she’s sad. For shopping you have to go with the mind. Then you won’t have to blush for myself.

Read news

Not everyone, of course. Download a few news programs on your smartphone and checked them every morning with a Cup of freshly brewed coffee or prolative before you sleep. Let it be a part of your day, and you will be able to support any conversation about the latest news. For thou shalt smart.

Myself cook your morning coffee

Are you seriously still buy take-away coffee in the morning? You can do better. No one asks you the coffee machine — you can do Turka. But at the same time and try unusual coffee recipes. Girls like guys who are in the morning boil them coffee. Anyway, this habit will save you time and money.

Do sports

These recommendations are always annoying, but against the truth you will not trample. When you are getting 25 of each portion of food consumed by you is automatically reflected on your body and popping up somewhere… but at least where. The most difficult — to find time for the gym. You worked too much and want to relax after a working day, and in the morning you want to sleep. What can you do, you’ll have to find time for it. Any time. At least do some push-UPS at home, walk, run on the street and drill press. Something! Anything! Otherwise soon you will not know. And you start to complain about your health as your grandparents and aunt.

Do all this and then reward yourself. Buy coffee takeaway, order Chinese food, watch a show before bed. You deserve it.

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