Constantly missing the moment when the water boils? And that’s the solution


Generally in the preparation of homemade food has one big problem: in computer games and other things you did not notice that long-it’s time to throw dumplings or cereals. And the water meanwhile boiling…

Well with electric kettles: put and off, but the pot can’t make you alert that it is time to final stage of cooking. Or not?

Smart dudes from the site that make a quite interesting male the decision for the kitchen, found a cool solution to the problem of boiling. They came up with… a whistle for the pan! This whistle works on the principle of buoy: he is floundering in the water in the pan and when the water is heated to one hundred degrees produces a shrill whistle! Now you’ll never miss a moment of boiling water!

Do not worry for the sustainability of their dumplings: the whistle is made of safe materials that will not poison your food. The price of this crap — $ 15, but it’s worth it. Now the main thing — not to miss the moment when the food is cooked.

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