Conquer the heart of the daughter of a billionaire and get 64 Leman Greene from her daddy. Maybe this is your chance, friend!

Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao-Tsung’t really approve of the lifestyle his daughter and that’s an understatement. He proposed a $ 64 million each bro, who will be able to marry his daughter, a lesbian.

Want to get the money? What act.

Not so long ago his daughter, a graduate of the University of Manchester, tied the knot with his girlfriend-partner in France.

Mr. Chao, who insists that his daughter’s wedding was a fake told a Chinese newspaper that wants to find her a worthy husband, no matter he is rich or poor, as long as the people were kind and generous.

He said: «Gigi is a good girl, talented and beautiful, she’s loyal to her parents and is engaged in volunteer activities.»

According to him the prize of £ 40 million should attract especially talented people who have talent but do not have the starting capital to build their own business.

Businessman several times said that in any case will not be forced to leave his daughter to marry against her will, but his «publicity stunt» was negatively condemned by many readers.

Dude, this is the ultimate dream! To sexy wife (albeit a lesbian, no one is going to bother to go to her friends), and with it 60 odd million bucks and the godfather in the appendage. What could be better?

Time to get a passport, the game started!

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